Jtf brochure out.

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    20160925_125900.jpg 20160925_125938.jpg 20160925_130019.jpg 20160925_130052.jpg 20160925_130210.jpg 20160925_130230.jpg 20160925_125801.jpg 20160925_125836.jpg
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  2. All Bright Star under another name!
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    Some Brothers 1.3g pieces there too.
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    One is very loud another is mega loud...........
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  5. How do the rockets look? Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?
  6. Wouldn't personally touch the 1.4g rockets.. Unless it's quiet effects you're after.
    Think the caged Sky Snipers are priced too high for what they are, 2years ago they sold them for £24 which was good value, but £40 is too high when you consider you can get the likes of War Hawks etc for £15 and under.
    The only ones I see which seem reasonable value are Task Force. The Emporer (The King) is priced ok, but even then I've had it cheaper from sponsors.
    I think you'd be better off shopping with a sponsor or even your local specialist, unless it was only a couple bits you was after.
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  8. what the amoury crate like, might pick that up