latest standard find from the 80s

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  1. The items look to be a mixture of ages? Some mud 80's some late 80's?
  2. Jamie Thornton

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    I had none of the actual standard large rockets upto getting one of those blue size 20 snow flake rockets earlier this year which I was really chuffed with, absolute stunning great bloody find mate, some real old school beauties there.
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  3. TONYB

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    yes mate will take better close ups at a later date
  4. Thanks Tony. Great find, good on you
  5. TONYB

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    slightly better
    IMG_2681 - Copy.JPG
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  6. Looks great. Seen one in a catalogue but never in the collectors realm. PIC fuse by the looks of things.
  7. Pyro Ed

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    Incredible :O !!
  8. Si7


    Christ, WHAT a find.. :cool:
  9. lost for words.....but wow ive just turned green with envy
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  10. Pyromania

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    WOW! Just WOW!!! Absolutely incredible find @TONYB - congratulations!! :stashenvy:

    Takes me right back to my days in primary school - I used to suffer with nosebleeds quite badly, and one October afternoon I was lucky enough (?o_O?!) to be sat in the reception area collecting a bowl full of blood from my nose, when the annual delivery of fireworks for the school bonfire night turned up - looking very much like what you've got right there!! Imagine my delight when the headmaster opened them up and let me have a look at them with him - best nosebleed I ever had!!

    Now I'm lucky enough to have the job of providing the display for the school - with material somewhat different to the contents of that Standard delivery!

    Lovely find though mate, I'm very envious and I'm not afraid to admit it! :D
  11. TONYB

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    @Pyromania ....thanks, im glad it brought back some happy memories for you .:D
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  12. Sandling Fireworks

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    Very nice, I have bought a few of these in my time.
  13. Tiltman

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    JESUS H CHRIST!!!!!! Stunning!
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