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  1. Had a quick look on their website looks like there stocking primed pyro along with some brothers and bright star. No sign of celtic yet tho.
  2. Any idea which primed products? Looked on website and it's not showing fireworks for me.
  3. Quite a few most of them to be fair any in particular your looking for?
  4. The big twin packed rockets, I think there's 3 different kinds ?
  5. Rockets they have the supernova twin pack and a four other packs all 1.3g by the looks of it.
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  6. Interested to no the prices as they have most if not all the primed products galactic have plus more .
  7. Thanks lads, think it's because I'm using a mobile
  8. Spoke to a guy at latifs on Friday. He said he wasn't sure if they would be stocking Celtic but definitely will have brothers/brightstar/primed pyrotechnics. Stock should be ready by 7th October.
    Would love some Celtic cakes but no local stockists:(
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  9. Whizzbang

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    If you can get to Worcester, there are a couple of stockists. They aren't sponsors so I'll let you do your own Googling.
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    That primed stuff looks pretty good. Never heard of them before.
  11. Tiltman

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    Damn you for spilling the beans so soon. I honestly WAS going to tell you all when they got their deliveries in!!!!!
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  12. Plenty stockists of Celtic deliver .... where about are you ?
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  13. And I'm certain that any sponsors who stock Celtic will beat Latif's prices.. (not us btw, we don't do Celtic :) )
  14. hi mate, I am in Coventry, no sponsors nearby other than Jordans, think there would be more being next to Birmingham!
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  15. Plenty do deliver you just need to PM a few ................. that said I think we are heading Birmingham way at some point in the next few weeks. Pm me a list of items your looking at and I will price them up for you if you like
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    I think that's more than likely Saj ;)

    Strong recommendation from me for @Chorlton Fireworks. Been delivering to me for a couple of years now in Birmingham. Excellent range of pyro, great prices and super service
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  17. Thank you John very kind words ...... its always a pleasure to visit you & your bar :D
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    What @Tiltman says^^^^
    I can't rate Saj highly enough.
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    Latifs have started to load some of the new stuff they are having this year on to their YouTube channel. Just in case anyone was interested.
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