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    AKA: WOW
    Category: CE CAT. F3
    Safety Distance: 25 METRES
    NEC: 1600g
    RRP: £165.00

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  2. Undoubtedly an unbelievablely showstopping firework, legend, wow, whatever it’s called, it certainly lives up to it’s name, it’s a legendary firework that has real wow factor, and is ideal to use as a finale, I used two of these for just that and as crazy as it was, they both fast fired and only lasted around 17 seconds which was a bit of a shame, they are expensive like but they do offer a quality amount of high impact, pretty special firework this.
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  3. paul s

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    Both of them, 17 seconds, really?

    That's one hell of a way to burn £330 of pyro. :eek:
  4. :huvideo:
  5. I don’t know how to upload videos but I do have it, it was a good finale but I was disappointed with how short it was, the one I did last year was better with brocade wars and carpet bombers, timing was more or less bang on and god do them brocade wars deliver big time, that firework in multiples is just something else, them salutes are disturbing hahaha.
  6. Haha it is a very expensive piece of kit, but I just wanted the most spectacular finale ever, I have actually seen it fired with the right timing and it is one of the best fireworks around, but with that comes an expense that am sure would put a lot of people off.
  7. Get them up on YouTube then post the links here. 2x Legend in 17 seconds sounds ridiculous!
  8. Don’t even know how to do that haha, I can send it to your email if you want and let you post it on here.
  9. paul s

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    Just load it onto your pc and then add it to a post by using the 'Upload a file or photo' key next to the Post Reply key.............no need to youtube it. ;)
  10. Sorry Paul I can’t do it, it’s been deleted and it’s in another folder, I don’t know whether that’s got something to do with it.
  11. paul s

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    That's a shame - maybe you could just describe the 17 seconds............:eek::cool::)
  12. Hahaha it was just a frantic mist of pyro powder going everywhere haha, completely filled the area, I had a 49 shot dum bum in the middle as well but could only really hear it after the legends had stopped, that dum bum helped it to be honest because it’s a great cake and kind of oddly gave a fitting end to two lightning fast legends, people liked it so I suppose job well done.
  13. scoops

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    Do you want to send it me? Pm me and I'll give you my email address
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  14. paul s

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    How about trying to speed up the stock video x 3?............:whistle:
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  15. That would be amusing. I've seen it done the other way before (firework footage slowed down to make it seem like it lasts longer).

    Would have been Legendary to see 2 x WOW/Legends fired together in 17 seconds, especially with a Dum Bum for good measure.