Lidl Fireworks 2016

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  1. Just heard on seasonal traditionalists that Lidl will be restocking Weco this year as their firework brand.
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  3. Ipanema. Rio. Sweet.
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    Wooooooo! :D
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    Bugger - so my 4 Karats, the pension fund, will be worth nothing now... off to find the rothy :rolleyes:
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    hmmm hopefully they do, might just go with supermarket stash this year then Aldi / Lidl and the range.
  7. Ooh, might have to find space in the budget for a few extras if this is true. Used to have some great gear in the past.
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    Has anyone bought from
    I put an order and payed and have heard nothing since.
    They do not answer E.mails and the phone number does not exist.
    Hope this is not a scam so be careful.
  9. I was tempted into buying from that wecoshop but I have to be honest I had some doubts over the legitimacy of the website and how a business could set up and sell fireworks that easily. I fear it is a scam, I just hope you paid by credit card so you can claim your money back if it turns out to be.

    If I were you I would post this over at seasontraditions because it was a member on there that obviously had some links to this seeing as though they found out about this site.
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    Yes paid by credit card through PayPal so should be able to claim money back.If it is a scam it is a good one.
  11. Agreed. There's nothing on that site that would ring alarm bells with me, unless I'm missing the obvious.

    That said, how do we know you really are the real guy fawkes??? :p

    Seriously though, hope you get your pyro or your money back.
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    The bank account stuff seems genuine, the IBAM number checks out. What was on the Paypal page for the receiving Person, see if there is any contact details on that, that are different from the stuff on the Webby :)
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    Thanks for the input,it all helps,
    Just hope the site is genuine.
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    Have you contacted Weco in Germany to see what they think?
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  16. The Real Guy Fawkes

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    Good news contacted Germany and they contacted u.k side of operation.
    Had phone call this morning from u.k and will dispatch next week.
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    Phew! ;) And hopefully they got a foot up there ass about PP customer service! o_O
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  18. Glad to hear it! Been scammed before on the Internet so whenever I see a new site I always want to hear feedback from others first.
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    Terms and Conditions are as dodgy as Sadik kahn, so too is the website with all its obvious 'foreign' english. Mobile phone number as a contact?, About us is nothing other than a story about some geezer that made fireworks etc... Weco fireworks limited does not exist list is endless. Why buy from them anyway?. Plenty of good 'British' firework shops online, no need to buy from a geermun company.
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