LIDL selling Weco fireworks - cakes look okay??

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  1. Just let of the smallest volcano fountain in the Cyber Box pack from Lidl (£6 for 14 small fireworks, some 60 shotters), well.....bloody outstanding. Lastest 15 secs and reached at least 9ft....will be a great GFN eve display for my boys !!:D
  2. I bought some, when I got them home they rattled!!!!:blink:. Looked on another forum and they are supposed to be very poor, so took them back and exchanged for a Gold Karot! If you want supermarket rockets Aldi is the place to be...........:D
  3. Really good I light a few go really high have you light th 60 shot battery
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    Well, just give your money to one of the 16 year old chavs hanging around and ask him to go get them for you. That'd be ironic!:D
  5. Hi everyone, been viewing this forum for a few years without posting but have decided to get involved at last! For various reasons this year im on a really tight budget but was desperate to get some more impressive fireworks to go with the stuff ive allready got for our back garden display. Couldn't believe it when I stumbled across this post this morning! Was down at lidl like a flash and picked up the 25 carat, ipanema and a firefighter aswell, by the look of things ive picked up a bargain. So thanks to everyone involved with this site for that. Supermarket fireworks aren't totally dead afterall!
  6. How much was it for all that by the way very nice
  7. Welcome Rob!

    Skyrocket - that came to £72 for the full case (£6 each as per the offer). I just thought it would work really well to end the finale.... .Though at this rate I'll need to buy even more firing systems so I can fire my own display lol.
  8. Yes, Lidl has done itself proud this year, but lets not get too carried away.

    This selection is smaller than a gerbil's winky- if we had nothing BUT Supermarket suppliers, things would be tough indeed for the enthusiast.
  9. yes too true too many supermarkets sell overpriced damp squibs that rip the general non fireworky type off royally and i wish more people were aware of the 'proper fireworks shops'. The majority of what ive got this year is from a local seasonal mainly brothers and a few old cube bits. If theres people like me though who are firework enthusiasts but are also erm well, pretty skint at the moment this forum can be a godsend by finding these hidden gems, i mean i dont shop at lidl and it never even crossed my mind to consider them for fireworks until i came on this forum this morning....
  10. B) idea mate!
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    Yes, indeed they would but I don't think the specialist suppliers need have any cause for concern.

    I would say that the "novelty factor" has played a large part - it certainly has with me. The opportunity to acquire something that's high quality (surprising level of build quality in fact) from what I'd consider to be an unusual source, proved irresistable.

    While Lidl certainly do have a few nice items of excellent performance this year, it is just that. Only a few.

    We pyro enthusiasts will be the first to spot a real bargain and grab'em quick, but at the end of the day I'm sure we'll all still purchase our main stash from our favourite suppliers.

    I, for one, will certainly not be waiting to see what the supermarkets are stocking next year before planning my display.:)
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    count me in on the fun :)

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    They look just like mine! Have you nicked my cakes!:eek:

    Welcome to the forum!:D
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    Welcome Rob, glad the forum's been of use to you, that's what it's all about - stick around a while, we're OK most of us, apart from Chief who wears inappropriate lime green beach wear :D

    **edit** Blimey everybody's doing it...welcome P4P :D
  15. Hi light one off the 60 shot battery the nite out the cyber box
  16. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! Ill certainly be sticking around, every year this site has given me loads of sound advice and steered me in the direction of quality pyro and i am indeed a fireworks nutter and pride myself of delivering a good bonfire night show so it made sense to join up really
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    i'll echo what Rob said, thanks for the welcomes :D

    the hunt continues :)
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    Not only do we seem to have spawned a top ranking thread but I reckon we've hooked more virgins than vampire!
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