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  1. Picked up a box this afternoon at an auction that has to be the most perfectly preserved selection box around. (sorry if that sounds like a boast).

    It's a Standard 5 shilling box, was discovered wrapped in newspaper in a cabinet in a loft in Nottingham, the colours on the labels are so crisp and the finish on the box so clear and glossy that I was convinced it was a fake until the circumstances of it's discovery were announced. I will post pics when the phone battery charges up and would appreciate an age for it.
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    Pics please:).
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    ..can't wait!!
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  4. struggling to send pictures - not ignoring anyone
  5. Here they are

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    Very nice
    Late 60's is where I would place that box........... see it has a Delta Wing tucked away in there......
  7. Followed advice you gave previously Kev, I was 50:50 as to whether or not it was fake, the colours and condition are as brand new. The presence of a trace of powder in the box and the ingrained smell of the chemical contents was reassuring and the staple holding the wing to the case on the Delta Wing is well corroded, this isn't visible from the top of course. I was expecting some competition there but apart from two mildly interested competing bidders it all went surprisingly without fanfare. Only discovered the box last night having visited the place and missed it, my Dad called to ask if I'd seen it. My sister turned up in the event I didn't and planned to buy it...she actually thought it would make £3!
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    Very nice box, the firefly and animated fountains are exactly as I remember them in the 80s.
  9. Beautiful! Any chance of an "out of box" experience - photo's of each of the contents for posterity?
    Items this pristine should be recorded for the future! (Plus I would like to salivate over the full pyro xxx loveliness - I can almost smell that paper/chemical elixir :))
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    i have the empty version from the same era i know what i need ..thanks
    WP_20151223_026.jpg WP_20151223_027.jpg WP_20151223_028.jpg
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    That's so clean, it should be photographed professionally :)
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    :goodpost:That's a lovely find...and the price...even more brill!
    I agree with Kev ..late 60's..the Delta wing is redolent of the aircraft of that period....also the Firefly and the Jackpot are later Style designs...whilst the Shimmering Cascade dates from early 60's I,guess.
    It appears absolutely genuine...good provenance.definitely.
    I know is been said lots before...but it's true...there is a lot of stuff waiting to be unearthed yet.
    I'm finding in my travels that there is an emerging quantity of great 50's stuff coming to the surface.
    Well done great stuff!!:):cool::rolleyes:
  14. With the different aged items could it be that this box was produced during a period of transition? I really don't know anything about Standard at all - remember from past posts I worked for Astra and I have to say (and this sounds disloyal) Standard Fireworks were in my opinion far and away the best. I photographed the bases on two items, they even colour coordinated the closure discs. Why? - because they were perfectionists. The attention to detail is awesome and reflects an attitude and level of care and skill we will never see again I fear. Kev, Richard - I appreciate your input and feel we have all learned something from your contributions. I thank you personally both. Don't stop though. I would be interested to know whether anyone else has picked up a full box like this and whether or not the contents varied from this one. This information would illustrate perhaps the gradual way the selections and maybe individual fireworks evolved. This is the second find I know of from a loft, the first was a pack of bangers a mate of mine - fascia fitter - found along with an old Dinky car in it's box. I'm ashamed though to say I obtained a load of the green tissue/tracing type paper from Standard and see from this find what it was used for. I reckon I've lost it, if I haven't I'll make it available to anyone who wants it at no charge - but don't hold your breath or pester please!
  15. The smell is there mate - I've been sniffing the box but didn't want to admit that in case I became labelled an anorak (which I am)
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    Thanks for then response really is fun and most rewarding ......
    I have got in my collection a full £1.00 box which came in its original brown paper wrapper complete with the Standard Company seal...I'll upload it tomorrow with contents laid out seperatly just as you have done.....and guess where I obtained it....none other than thanmy mate ....the excellent Mr Kev!I
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  17. Lovely find. To add to the anoraking (is that a word), I notice that the tubes of the silver fountain and firefly are spun down onto the closing discs. These must have been a bit before my time because I remember Standard closing these tubes with a red resin, which was squirted into the end of the tube with a gun before being allowed to cure. I' m curious what type of machine they used to spin the tubes over onto the end disc like that. My memories of Standard start in the mid seventies. Thanks very much for posting. Very nice to see.
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  18. I noticed that too. A lovely touch, not necessarily the cheapest but in my opinion the nicest way to do the job. The thing is who would notice (other than us now!) The decision was made not by an accountant but a craftsman. Only two of the fireworks are finished this way and I believe it would have made the production process that little bit trickier. I used this in my own factory but couldn't keep it up, it was far too expensive. Apart from some of the mines at Astra we only used it large scale on a Canadian Thunderflash and then only because it was demanded in the build spec. Sheer class.
  19. I know I am waffling on but I notice that your box also has the coloured tabs on the corners Tony. I have another Standard product with this feature - I'll photograph it in a moment. This seems to have been a Standard thing. I was a bit concerned when I first saw it but now know it's part of the design.