Cake/Barrage Magnum Box (2 Pack)

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  1. Magnum Series

    Magnum Series Pro Firer/Crew

    • Distance 8 metres firer, audience 15 metres
    • Running Time:53s
    • Effect: 2 cakes to a retail unit.

    Part A fires 5 rows of 7 shots straight
    A: Green tails to green palm
    B: Blue tail to Brocade palm
    C: Green tail to green glitter
    D: Blue tail to blue peony
    E: Red tail to spider king
    F: Wave willow
    G:Silver titanium chrysanthemums.

    Part B fires 7 rows of 5 shots in Z formation Rows
    1&4: Big spinner to silver blink Rows 2&5: Brocade mine to brocade leaf and red stars Rows 3&6:Brocade crown king with green dahlia Row
    7: fired instant blue tails to wave willow and blue stars.

    • Style: Straight/angled
    • Shots: 2 x 35
    • NEC 0.980g across 2 cakes
    • CAT2
    • Price £89.95