Mine Magnum Mega Mine

Discussion in 'Magnum Series' started by 321 Zero, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. 100mm

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  2. dib


    Wow nice hight on them these would light the houses around me up hmm.
  3. Magnum Series

    Magnum Series Pro Firer/Crew

    A good alternative to a rocket with no falling debris.

    Height: 35m.
    Duration: 5 seconds.
    Calibre: 100mm.
    RRP £24.95
  4. Very nice mine, like it.
  5. @321 Zero - I know that you bought at least one of these from Galactic, have you fired it yet, and if so what was it like, did you video it?

    Anyone else fired one?
  6. Madfish

    Madfish Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    £££ :eek: I thought £10 was a lot for a mine
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  7. I had 5 and all were very powerfull with loud launch and excellent effects. Good mines if a bit pricey, I paid about £20.
  8. That does look superb and I'm sure it's even better in person but I'm not sure I could splash that much cash on it :(
  9. Is this video really a magnum mega mine? is there a new one because recent vids from firework crazy and galatic show it different to the magnum video??
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  11. They do contain salutes but that is there official video for the mine so far, don't ask me why..

    This is the true effect;)

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  13. that's what I thought bought one of these just to check out how loud this thing is from galactic after watching there vid then watched the magnum vid and got a little confussed. same as treasure chest vid again not correct and also glittering diadem

  14. Think only the report one are available
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  16. The only ones available now in the UK are the brocade crackle version. :(