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  1. Had this in the post today, a mixture of Cosmic Astra and Nightstar. Not sure if there any good but thought it might be of interest.

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  2. Do they have any thing else on offer? I can only see 1 page
  3. K9Girl

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    It looks like a 2 page flyer, says full details instore ;)
  4. kamikersie

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    Excluding VAT
  5. Thanks will go and have a look :)
  6. Yeah that's all there was, it came along with the usual mail out. Last time I bought anything from Makro they were Nightstar and it was quite underwhelming.
  7. Arthur

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    Macro prices ar cheap because they are ex VAT so add 20%!
  8. And because they stock absolute $hit€..
    All in my opinion of course. :)
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  9. Arthur

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    So Far the only supermarket held in high regard seems to be Lidl! But things can and may change.
  10. paul s

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    Don't say absolute shit.......AF are good! :eek:
  11. Hmm yes, wrong choice of wording there.
    We all know what I was trying to say.:)
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