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  1. blackbat Pro Firer/Crew

    The phone number on their website (c 2004) seems to be the same as a menswear manufacture in Essex :blink:.
  2. ambientskies Pro Firer/Crew

    Yeah, been around for 5 years... Grandad, anyone!

    Had a shop in Abridge & sold selection boxes in gun shops etc in that area.

    :worms: about powder limits :)
  3. PureParty Pro Firer/Crew

    ha ha yes, the 30kg retail item that was GrandDad, that was back in 2004, bloody hell time flies!
  4. blackbat Pro Firer/Crew

  5. ambientskies Pro Firer/Crew

    YES INDEED NEC! Had the pleasure of lighting one for Raj (Newsbox)at his first demo night at the Woodman...
  6. PureParty Pro Firer/Crew

    not sure it was NEC, might have been gross weight?

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  7. blackbat Pro Firer/Crew

    Really 30Kg? It doesn't look big enough! Impressive, none the less. Was it any good?
  8. Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    This is a brand as mysterious as the red planet itself, thanks in part to > 10kg cat 3 items as mentioned above. Don't get me wrong, it was great watching a 30kg, 100 shot 30mm cake (Grandad) in action we just couldn't work out how they managed to import and classify cakes of this weight as cat 3.
  9. ambientskies Pro Firer/Crew

    Just googled it, got the sound but no clip (Raj & Pete's wicked laughter at the end)
  10. Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

  11. PureParty Pro Firer/Crew

    I didn't have any scales with me but thats what it said on the side of the box ;) :)
  12. ambientskies Pro Firer/Crew

    That must have been Sept 2004, as that was the first time we was unleashed on the field.

    How's the thumb nowadays Pete? :blush:
  13. blackbat Pro Firer/Crew

    Interesting video (played back fine for me, "nice colours" :D) and a firework guaranteed to piss off the neigbours, I think! It did go on..and on...and on...
  14. meggsy Pro Firer/Crew

    Their stuff was really good, they gave us a number of big cakes, when Raj turned up couldn't believe the size of them :eek: 'Goliath' was excellent, I think the name 'Mother of all Airbombs' shows you where they were coming from :D
  15. meggsy Pro Firer/Crew

    God I look younger in that picture and have soooo much hair lol :D
  16. Andy_P Pro Firer/Crew

    Thank God for that picture... now I know I was there! :D
    What's the name of that disease where you forget things again.... :huh:
  17. blackbat Pro Firer/Crew

    So does Stu :D
  18. sultanbrown Pro Firer/Crew

    And I'm holding a pint of Guinness.
    How rare!:cheers:
    I had a pair of the Goliath fan cakes that meggsy mentioned, the video does not do them justice. Excellent cake, and nice and heavy.:D
  19. 30KG NEC would mean it contain 15 times as much Explosive Content as any other Cat 3 firework.


    Was it 15 times better?? :p
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