Meteor shower

Discussion in 'Non-Pyro chat' started by elmo, Aug 12, 2017 at 11:11 AM.

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    Just had a week in New Quay Wales and managed to see one while sat out Wednesday night! :) will be on the look out tonight
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    Cloudy here now :rolleyes:
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    20170812_213233.jpg nice clear sky's might as well try this bulb mode and new remote
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    I managed to see just 1 @ about 10:30 pm, tried looking every hour for 10mins or so till 2am but to no avail,:(. But the 1 i did see was nice and bright no tail to speak of though..
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    I see 4 however my camera was not pointing in the direction the clouds became an issue. I learnt a lot last night so I'm going to give it a blast tonight too
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    Saw some nice ones last night on the only relatively cloud free night so far in the main Perseids season. Not as many as might be expected in the peak days, but even in the darkest sky place in my area has quite a bit of light pollution for the city and surrounding towns - and the light of the moon didn't help much, either. So only the brightest got seen. Couldn't stay up too late because I had a drive back home from the vantage point and be up at 7 for work this morning.
  10. Saw 6 in the end.

    One massive one not long after midnight!
  11. Spotted one extremely bright one whilst at Belvoir castle :)
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    Single shot comets don't count mate