Cake/Barrage Minotaur

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  1. NEW FOR 2015
    RRP. £64.99 each
    49 Shot
    EU CAT 3
    Duration 35 sec
    1.3G Meshed to 1.4G
    Spectator Safety Distance 25m
    Manufacturer / Importer Planet Fireworks
    Availability July / August 2015
    Filmed in China

    Website Link

    Huge mines and volley bursts from this 49 shot cake starting with blood red and time rain willow mine to time rain and red blinks, changing to gold palm and blue dahlia mine with willow breaks over. Then red and crackling mines to willow and purple over with a finale of red palm and chrysanthemum mine to colour willow bursts over.

  2. danielpyronutter

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    The colours on this look amazing is this the true effect.
  3. elmo

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    Yep, sure is ;)
  4. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Supports UKFR

    On my list already
  5. Me too.. :D
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  6. danielpyronutter

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    Its an amazing piece
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  7. One of our favourite pieces from the fantastic Planet range this year... the colours are immense!
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  8. Does any one know what the bore size is. ?
  9. K9Girl

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    30mm, had it last year, brilliant! :)
  10. m00ny

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  11. great firework really impressed