Morrisons 2016

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  1. Very small selection,nothing there i would want!,they used to sell Cosmic,now it's this cheap Firestar stuff!
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    Oh dear, price increases no cheaper boxes and the only good firework they use to sell is gone Luna 100 missile cake. No £5 pack of cheap rockets either, I use to set those off whilst setting up for a laugh. Terrible, they should not bother anymore.
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    Deary me! o_O Things have gone downhill
  4. Has anyone got the leaflet for morrisons fireworks 2016 please
  5. I was in Morrison's this morning. No leaflets yet.
  6. Im hoping there gonna be out before Saturday
  7. Got to be end of week. I not buying anything from them, I just like to look.
  8. If anything catches my eye then I might get something
  9. It's a shame as they used to be one of the best supermarkets between around 03-08.Some great deals that rivalled what all year round stockists could offer, that was ended by the 08 changes unfortunately.
  10. The cosmic studf they sold few years back they were decent stuff i remember when they sold those black mamba rockets
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    Agreed, they were the best out of the supermarkets back then ... Now they're all just as rubbish as each other. I remember them having some decent stuff in 2008, Cosmic, Dynasty etc and a bigger range too (wish I'd kept that brochure now!) guessing that was the final year before it went downhill.
  12. I still have that brochure, it was £45 for a box which actually had some decent stuff in it then you got the black mamba rockets and 2 smallish cakes with it.I reckon something like that now would cost closer to £100.
  13. Morrisons have there fireworks out now on caninets and they have alot this year more than last year
  14. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Morrisons fireworks for this years bonfire night
  15. All the same rubbish as usual sadly.
  16. Might get a bargain. The rockets are marked 10 on the cabinet but 5 in the leaflet. Price advertised is the price you pay.
  17. The £50 deal dosnt look to bad
  18. I think there £5 suppost to be
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    Wouldn't make them any less pony :deadhorse: