Mortified, Proud & Seeking Help!

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    This time last month I was in Chamonix, on holiday with my family. Down in the valley it was a dull, 100% cloudy day. But I saw the webcams showing the Aiguille Du Midi, at 3800m, was above the clouds. The prospect of different views and photos from my previous trips up there prompted me to whizz up there on the cable cars with the family in tow...... So there I was with my "serious" camera gear enjoying doing some photography, shooting high-res photos in jpg & RAW, taking shots like this.....

    ... meanwhile Mrs RR was snapping away with her 'phone and took a similar photo. Now, I don't do facebook, I don't have email enabled on my 'phone or the tablet I had with me and, besides that, my pictures were in the camera. But Mrs RR does do facebook and her snap was conveniently in her 'phone..... So she quickly & easily uploaded it and entered it in Inghams (the holiday company) summer photo competition on facebook. She's only gone and gotten into the top 10 and is in the vote off for a prize!

    I'm sort of mortified - I'm a serious photography enthusiast and have been for decades but now my 'phone photo snapping wife has the bragging rights! My photo's got the quality to be printed large and framed for display at home. But her's has been taken and posted in such a way that it's been displayed and appreciated around the world. So I'm also seriously proud at what she's done and her success so far. Of course, now she's on the hunt for votes in favour of her photo....... and I can't vote because I don't do facebook and that's where the competition is! Clearly I need all sorts of help!! But if you can find the competition and "like" her photo, she'd appreciate it and perhaps have more reason to value my pyro hobby and membership of the UKFR and the friends I have here! So here's a cheeky cry for help....

    Mrs RR has worked out one of the links to the competition entries....
    She's a bit puzzled because it looks like the competition's being hosted in two places on Inghams facebook account. One is at this link to Inghams Ski where she has a few votes, whilst the other's with Inghams Lakes & Mountains, where she has many more votes in her tally. For some reason she can only capture to email me the Ski link, but you can "like" or vote there. If you can find the other page and work out a link, do tell me! Voting closes at lunch time this Friday (13th October).
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    Done, stunning pic
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    Nice! It looks like the Alpaca is currently leading though...
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    Thanks folks.
    To be honest, Mrs RR wasn't expecting to get anywhere in the competition..... there were a lot of entries she could see, many of which she thought were better than her own. So to get into the top 10 was a nice surprise. Now she's there, though, she's getting competitive! To me it looks as though Inghams have chosen a good spread of photo types / subjects and just happened to think Mrs RR's was the right one to pick of its kind. One of my favourites is the sun ray photo on Lake Bardolino - partly because taking a good photo of that type is on my wish list.
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    Sometimes it's Cartier Bresson's "Decisive Moment" when every part of a picture just comes together.
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    Liked :)
  8. Just googled this, very interesting!
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    Done both :donttellmrs: Hard line between presenting the greatness of UKFR and saying you only won because of me! I'd just keep stoom, smile to myself and say well done. ;)
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    Well, well...... Mrs RR saw people liking the same photo twice - once on each of the facebook pages the competition's on - and asked Inghams about it and apparently that's allowed! You live & learn! Right now she feels it's too much like harrassing friends to go back and nudge them to vote twice, but it's something to remember in future.
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    I don't think inghams would care RR it's all about getting people to view their Facebook page. More views and likes the more publicity for them. They want the likes of us to pass the message on to vote for a mate :)
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    Thankfully I'm OK with friends looking at Inghams. After many lakes & mountains holidays with the company over the last 30 years, I happily recommend it. Bit like us swapping notes about fireworks we like and retailers we feel are good. Wengen's been my all time favourite resort, but Chamonix runs it a close second - Mrs RR and I have been back to both places several times. :)