My first attempt!

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  1. scoops

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    So as the title suggests, my first attempt at a pyro musical. Scripted with finale and fired from cobra.
    So the story goes like,
    Friend want's to up the ante and try something different for his display this year, asks if something to war of the world's pt1 original soundtrack can be done?
    Oh yes I say!
    I should add at this point he holds music festivals and stuff and therefore has lights, mixing desk and lasers etc at his disposal.
    So budget agreed, £350! (100 more than last year) a plan was formed.
    Using mainly consumer pyro throughout it came on budget, but needed a bit of a nudge;)
    Enter cat 4:D
    anyways the sound quality ain't the best and has a few black sky moments due too:
    No lights or lasers provided my mate:mad::mad: around 3:50 - mine! And 4:48- :) on vid
    Jorge strobes missing at beginning during speach.
    Be gentle:oops::oops::oops:

    P's bonfire is pain, lit after fire site finished so no issues h&s wise and my mate knows risk of possible accidental ignition smoke is a pain, but it's a tradition they say:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  2. beeney

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    It was nice to see that a pyro musical can be done with consumer fireworks, pleasantly surprised how good it panned out and the crowd loved it. Well done! :D
  3. scoops

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    And I forgot to thank you for helping and filming on the night and @Bright sparks north Wales and @Chorlton Fireworks for their contributions:):)
  4. beeney

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    :D your welcome :D
  5. PyroBoris

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    Great show @scoops ! loving the mines at the start. Do you have a firing list you'd be willing to share?
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  6. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    Consumer stuff in order
    2 virtual vortex
    2 Jorge uran
    2*Flash harry
    Thunder bolt
    RP little stars*3
    RP little stars*5
    Sov dragon
    Sov butterfly
    Whistling wave
    Magnum super jet fountain
    Sov whistling
    Triple blaze
    2*Colourful crossette
    2* Medusa
    2 battle of midway
    Oblivion tfx
    Molecular mayhem
    2* Jigsaw's abandoned station
    Glittering diadem.
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  7. Cullann

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    I particularly liked the huge mass of luminous gas :)
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  8. scoops

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    So 2017's show is now booked and an increase in budget slightly:). So the tune,

    My challenge is again, to do it justice with consumer pyro where possible.
    Thought you might wanna play the designing game and post what you'd do:)...
    sorry no cat 4 allowed at this point.:p
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  9. Damn the video has been pulled by YouTube. :(
  10. beeney

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    should be working again now!! don't know why it decided to block it all of a sudden
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  11. beeney

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    well that's a interesting one to use cat 3 on.. Will be interesting to see your take on it. :)
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  12. Not for me. :(
  13. beeney

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    may be because its on your phone, as there is a copyright claim on it, but works on pc (or at least my pc)
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  14. Nope, blocked on PC too!
    Are you and scoops in Wales? Maybe it's blocked in England?
  15. beeney

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    indeed i am... had not thought about that..

    Video blocked in 243 countries uk included, did wales leave the uk?? :D thought that was just Scotland:p

    i can remove the song, but that's all i can do with it witch defeats the object a bit
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  16. beeney

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    SME has up to 30 days to review the information you provided and take action.If SME agrees with your dispute, they can release the claim at any time. If they disagree, they can choose to uphold it, and the claim will remain active on your video. Learn more about disputes.
    The YouTube Team

    lets see what happens :whistle:
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  17. beeney

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    After reviewing your dispute, SME has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.

    Video title: Castle Wood Leisure end of season display
    Copyrighted content: The Eve of the War
    Claimed by: SME

    :banghead: :censored: :banghead:
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  18. AtomFireworks

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    That tracks nice (if I could use my arsenal of cat 4 ), I dont know much of the retail world but I would be looking for, Red flares, Falling leaf rockets, horse tail rockets (if theres even such things). Slow firing S or Z style comet cakes, etc etc.... probably some brocade or willow rockets and Strobe ones too (surely they are available?) Thats just for starters

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  19. PyroAsh

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    Just came across this. Same track.......

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  20. scoops

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    Since there's been no taker's on the design challenge, here's my thoughts so far:)
    Starting piano beats, lights into single vertual vortex 0.20s followed by 4 wap candles l-r crossing at 0.34s, artic burst 0.46s.
    Cat 4 bit:oops:
    Uran*3 and 2* col crossette 1.23 followed by flash Harry *3 1.50 then China star*2 at 2.02.
    Lots more to do but alot of choice of pyro !