Parachute Flairs

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    Hi all could anyone shed some light on these parachute flairs I have found, I am not sure of the age but they do have 1960 printed on the label, however I have a feeling there not as old as that any help would be welcomed thanks.

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  2. looks like late 80s, maybe early 90s. I forget if the early DOT tubes had paper fuse or not, I think they did. 1960 was on some of the horse brand items. That's not when they were made, but rather (C)1960, copyright 1960, or maybe when Horse began operations. Horse didn't start importing into the USA until 1973-ish when the embargo ended, but Horse was operating before that, I've seen 1960s era Horse catalogs.
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    Thank you very much for that information, so I think they could be on the collectible side?

    I have also got a box of standard air bombs, when I say a box I mean 144 pieces total, the air bombs are from the 80’s.

    Thanks again for the reply.
  4. They will be early to mid 80's, no later than 88 as that's when BS 7114 came in and parachutes didn't pass that.
    I'm sure everyone would be interested to see your box of airbombs!
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    Sure i have 36 packs

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    i think the air bombs are late 90s early 00s jayT will confirm
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    ;)Got a pack or 2 of those hanging around
  8. The air strikes will be from 2000 to 2002, although it sounds like you have a full case so the date will be on there.
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    1998 on the box
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    Ah well still got a load to get rid of shame to see them go to specialist disposal along with all the other crap
  12. :D
    At least I hope you're joking! ;)
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    You would not believe what I have to get disposed of, but the old air bombs well it’s a classic and I am holding back on this one.
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  14. No old blue touch papered items I hope!!!:eek:.
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    no sorry there from 98-2000, but plenty of old blue touch.
  16. Being dumped because?? Old BS? Bad compositions? Failed regs?
  17. No, I meant the old blue touch paper stuff been destroyed, that stuff is to be treasured as part of our British fireworks industry past.