Cake/Barrage Planets Collection

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    RRP £11 each (sold as a pack of four, or individually)
    16 shots
    Cat 3
    Filmed by me at a Planet test firing, October 2012.

    Jupiter, low noise comets:

    Mars, all mines, low noise except for crackling ending:

    Mercury, low noise, alternating gold and silver fish, both with blue stars:

    Saturn, low noise, spinners:

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  2. RRP: £11.50 each or £23 for all four (2013)
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Shots: 16 (each)
    Duration: 30 seconds (each)
    Shape: Straight
    Class: 1.4G

    A variety of four nice effects, but I imagine they will appear slow and repetitive if fired singly and I think they look a bit messy if fired all at once as seen in the video. I'm sure there's a good combination to be had with these somewhere though.
  3. Not at all, each cake is different, exciting and great value. They are designed to be fired singly and have been a best seller year after year!
  4. Yes of course, they are priced at £12 each (buy two, get two free) but we would do a deal on solo purchases. They are a nice meaty little family of cakes.
  5. Perhaps I'm too impatient to fire them singly but I did end up buying a case of these earlier in the year to fire in pairs in a 'V' shape to add a nice bit of variety to displays :)