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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Firework fanatic, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Hi all just popped in to poundland and they are selling 10 sparklers for £1 and a mystic fountain by scorpion fireworks for £1. so as you do I brought 4 fountains :D. I don't know if they are very good but for £4 cant go wrong. I might test one and video it, so if I do I will post it up.
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  2. I seen these the other day but didnt pick any up as havnt seen any reviews wish i did now haha
  3. Pyromantic

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    Think this is the fountain

  4. Well worth £1 in my eyes
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    Fills the garden lovely
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  6. That's the video for it, it's quite a noisy little firework for its size
  7. I couldn't quite believe what I was reading from the topic title but fair play to Poundland.
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  8. Christ that fountain is a bit vicious! Like it. Might get a few. :cool:
  9. I tried one last night, not bad for a quid. I couldn't quite believe poundshop were selling fireworks so had to have one.
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    Have poundland really gone through all the effort of storage and sales licence just to sell a £1 pack of sparklers and £1 fountain? Or am I missing something? o_O
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  11. Apparently poundland plus is selling Esco & Bright star fireworks
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    Poundland plus haha never heard of it.... That makes more sense though
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    Thats not bad for a quid!

    There is a Poundland Clearance near my work... its not discount poundland stuff as the name implies but more like a B&M Bargains
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  14. It might be what was the old Family Bargains when 99p store owned f.b b4 poundland took them over
  15. Its PoundWORLD plus selling brightstar/Esco to avoid any confusion:)

    Unfortunatly I didnt notice any of the above fountains in our local, or I wouldnt of resisted :p
  16. The fountains I had came from a nice wooden box from behind the counter, was locked with a small padlock, probably a pound shop one, the size people use for a suitcase!
  17. They are only 90p in torquay pound land
  18. anyone got a poundworld plus near them to have a look at see what they're selling?
  19. Brightstar/ Esco, boxes less than half price, most individual items half price but no more expensive.
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    So, seen this thread and thought I'd take a little look. Big "puffery" going on but thought I'd do something with them anyway. This will sit behind a wheel and should add a little extra:)

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