Cake/Barrage Proton Bomb Extreme

Discussion in 'Bright Star Fireworks' started by Pyro Pete, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Pyro Pete

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    Fired at the Firework Crazy demo night 2013.
    18 shots.
    Cat 3.
    Listed as £20.
    This was louder than most other cakes on the night, it's hard to appreciate this from the video (as the auto audio level compensates to some degree) but the echoes will give you a clue.

  2. Another video from the same review night which again doesn't really demonstrate the extra noise from the report shot but another indication is the larger 'point of burst' puff of smoke (visible at 4 seconds below or 5 seconds in Pyro Pete's video) that's twice as big as the shot with the visual effect.

    I'd love to see the chaos of four or more of these fired at once :)
  3. kamikersie

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    Is it just me or is that different to the ones posted above? No double break? o_O
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  4. I picked up one of these the other day from a Bright Star seasonal in Hull for £10. Was very impressed with the loud bangs, could have just done with being longer though, also mine was double burst.
  5. This is the CE version of the Proton Bomb Extreme.

    Not as good as the original in my opinion...
  6. PyroFanaticPhil

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    That looks terrible, what on earth have they done to it!? A great little noise maker ruined, at least there's Dum Bums...

  7. :) that said still plenty of old spec Protons around
  8. danielpyronutter

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    Had 2 old spec recently spot on loved them good clean burst and extremely loud great piece for the price will defo wake the neighbours lol.
  9. beeney

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    just ordered 9 of these, hope there the old spec :-|
  10. Out did ya by 1 lol no one likes uneven numbers lol
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  11. beeney

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    At the moment, the plan is 9 proton, 6 dumbums 2 king dom packs plus a boot full of celtic from bright sparks mixed with some brother bits ,
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  12. Hope your not firing from your boot
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  13. beeney

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    that would be interesting out the back of the Volvo! :D, but no. because i may be crewing bfn
    i have decided to bring my display forward to September for my b/day, good enough excuse i think
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  14. Had one of these last bonfire night and couldn't fault it. Very loud and sounded like bombs were going off, as the name suggests.
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  15. Butler_Fireworks

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  16. Old are marked BS7714, new are CE marked with some BS EN number on them :)
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  17. One goes pop other goes BANG lol:)
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  18. Butler_Fireworks

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    I wonder if a asams or yatifs do old or new ones.....? any one know? @Daveandyaz
  19. They will be new CE ones ....... From what I understand from Bright star I bought the last of the old spec ones
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