Cake/Barrage Proton Bomb Extreme

Discussion in 'Bright Star Fireworks' started by Pyro Pete, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. that's a going Friday so I will get one, check, and give feedback from the 5th and let you know my thoughts. For that can't really go wrong...
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  2. just to let you you they didn't have any....useless
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  4. danielpyronutter

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    I fired one of the new ones tonight and they are still awesome blew my 25 shot Rp Emeralds away
  5. danielpyronutter

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    I taped 9 together into a cluster and quickmatched them was pretty awesome.
    This year I'm gonna try the same with the new ones and gonna do the same with 6 dum bums.
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  6. Thanks I'll try that aswell this year
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    I've got 6 too....