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  1. hi just came across an old fountian made by gebruiksaanwijzing holland
    it was imported by DIAMOND FIREWORKS (UK) LIMITED
    a quick search says they were Dissolved (Incorporation date 23/10/1998 .
    traded from Registered Address: Unit 13 Bealey Industrial Estate, Dumers Lane Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 2QE

    i have no more info at mo

  2. This was part of Celebration Fireworks I believe. The late Howard Garman occupied this site and from there sold Bad Boy brand Fireworks. It may have been taken over by Celebration Displays but I can't be certain. I had almost forgotten that address!
  3. Phoenix/ Britannia (Hemel Hempstead)

    I am very excited to find reference to my own family history on this website - and have come to this forum to provide what I know concerning The Phoenix Firework Co.

    Kenneth Gray is my Great-Grandfather, father of Rita Gray (my grandmother) who fondly recalls stories of her father's inventions. Kenneth was an engineer by profession and not only produced fireworks but constructed engines and racing vehicles too.

    It is worth noting however that the re-brand from Gray's to Phoenix was done by Kenneth himself long before the sell-up of the factory. We still have in our possession the original labels that were used on his pyrotechnics (these labels being produced shortly before the breakout of WW2 I believe)!


    Our family factory was targetted by the Luftwaffe in World War 2 as an industrial site that needed to be dispatched, and attempted to bomb the factory during air raids. Incendiary charges were dropped upon the factory but British Spirit prevailing - all of them missed!

    My Great-Grandfather being the nutter he was, collected three un-detonated charges and a spent one and kept them on his mantelpiece... still live for some decades. Amazingly through the hoarding mentality of my Grandma - the spent charge is still in my possession as a peice of war-time memorabilia, and one of the few surviving memories of The Phoenix Firework Co.


    Unfortunatly (or maybe history's way of telling us something) The Nazi Swastika and Eagle emblem have pretty much completely worn away, but the manufacturing digits are still clearly visible on the incendiary charge. A cool bit of history, I think.

    I hope you firework enthusiasts find these little titbits as interesting as I do! :)
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    Thanks James, very interesting!
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    Hi James
    You say it is a spent charge........ ? This is a 1kg German Inciendary bomb, when ignited the whole casing would have ignited and burnt away being made of magnesium, just to complicate matters the Germans started to add an explosive charge to the back end of these...presumably you have had this checked out.
    Be amazed how many people have them without realising this hazard
    All the info. you need is here
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  6. You are quite right - a 1KG incendiary bomb, but there's nothing inside. There is a hole blown on the outside where presumeably it began to discharge, but perhaps it was never filled properly. It has been juggled around with and sat next to the Dyson under the stairs for a good forty years :D

    It is quite dead I assure you :p

    *pardon the holes in my socks.

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    Looks like it misfired,
    I have over the years seen several complete examples at flea markets but always emptied examples done at the time collected up.
    I recently bought the grandkids a moneybox, but mummy says they can't have it.......... they are only 7 months old though.
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  8. Sultanbrown,
    The Pains accident you refer to . I believe that Randall Is William Randle Eldest Son of George and Sarah Randle of Wandsworth. In the Croydon Guardian it is spelt differently to the official Parliamentary Report I remember from the 1960's an Eric Craig who knew my Mother . He is a descendant of the Craig that is mentioned.