Pyroquip Collapsible Candle Matrix

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  1. cooperman435

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    I use pure co2 pub bottles, no rent on the cylinders you simply pay for the first one and return it for a full one at £20, if you don’t replace cylinders multiple times a year it’s far cheaper
  2. Dodgey

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    I'll post some pics up next week when the locking bars are fitted. They just push over to collapse.

    I'm using fluxed core (gassless) wire, so no little or large bottles. A littel messy but easy to weld.
  3. AtomFireworks

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    How easy does it weld that stuff? Can you post some pics of the welds?

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  4. Pyromagic

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    I get bottles of Co2 from the local pub
  5. Dodgey

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    Bearing in mind this was my first ever practical application of my welder, it was fairly easy. The tricky bit welding the frame together was not blowing through the 1.5mm thick box section. I started to get the hang of it fairly quickly. Correct power (low). Average wire speed. Once that was OK then welding the joins was easy, using two magnetic 90 degree holders.

    Welding the mesh was easy ish. Just run along welding each row to the frame, only for a couple of seconds. Then going back on the odd few where either only the frame had taken weld, or only the mesh, and just adding more weld to merge the two.

    Ahh. You mean how easy to use gassless. Much easier than gas, but thats because my mini gas regulator is buggered. It welds just like with gas, bit spits a bit more, and leaves a white residue (wipes off easily)
  6. SwissTony

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    Lot of spatter with flux core wire, it runs a lot hotter to, so thin material is a struggle, but not impossible. It can be quite smokey to.

    Definitely prefer argoshield/argon co2 mix compared to Pub gas/Co2.
  7. pyrobrit

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    For those looking for a good quality, cheap welder with excellent support. We bought ours from here. Even taught us how to weld with a couple of hours free welding to try out all their welders. Came away with a TIG.
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  8. Dodgey

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    Hmm. Will look at argoshield. Don't want a monthly rental mind you. Rather put down a deposit.
  9. pyrobrit

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    I Bought my gas from r-tech welding too. Just ship the empty back and get a new one, only paying for the gas. No monthly rental.
  10. SwissTony

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    Some companies sell bottles for around 100 quid, no annual rental fee and no time limit, just have to pay the £100 each time you run out.

    There are 10litre bottles available for 50 ish, check Yeovil Motor Factors
  11. Charlie

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    I've got a returnable deposit on my bottle and just pay for the gas on exchange. No yearly rental. Barnet welding supplies.
  12. Dodgey

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    Went to my local autofactor and used Hobbyweld gas - bottle of argomix, about upper waist high ("Original size - 9l I think)" £100 all in - inc. £60 deposit. £38 a refil. Regulator and pipes etc ordered online. Be interesting to see how much better gas welding is! Got two more rolls of gasless off Amazon and they weld better than the Wolf wire my Mig came with.
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  13. SwissTony

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    You get what you pay for welding wire wise, majority of stuff is Chinese crap. I use Lincoln electric brand wire, more expensive, but worth it imo.

    Don't forget to switch mig welders polarity going from gasless to gas shielded.

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  14. Dodgey

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    Done! - cost me around £23 ish a rack inc. paint. I've shown a fairly ok weld, and and one where I blew through :) welded on 4 sides of each corner so perfectly strong enough. Not something I'd do if I didn't have much time, and makes the originals at £70ish plus vat not seem bad, but I enjoyed making them.

    [​IMG]IMG_4337 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4339 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4344 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4345 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr
  15. Jon

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    I think it's great how many new skills you learn being in the firework trade!
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  16. Dodgey

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    Got my argomix plumbed in today and the difference from welding flux cored is incomparable.

    No splatter
    No smoke
    Much cooler - not blowing through 1.5mm steel in medium power.
    Weld pool is clear and easy to "push".

    It really is 100% easier to weld with.

    The flux cored did it's job, and has a place if I don't want to lug the bottle somewhere, but otherwise, It will just rust in a bag on a shelf :)

    Left weld is Argomix, othe three are flux cored (and a month or so old)

    [​IMG]IMG_4346 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_4348 by Roger Donoghue, on Flickr
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  17. Jon

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    Can't beat gas ;) it also makes a great job if you grind the weld back flat with the surface!

    On your racks how difficult did you find it keeping it square?
  18. cooperman435

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    Has anyone tried both argon mix and plain co2 to compare? I use plain co2 and get only a tiny amount of spatter which I recall from my welding days as standard?

    As a side note it’s the job I dislike the most of all the repeating jobs I do. Currently welding up a lot of racks and frames and wow do I dread it each year!

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  19. Dodgey

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    Easy. I used magnetic right angle holders. One end had two, the other end held square with a quick release clamp.
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