Cake/Barrage Redemption

Discussion in 'Sky Crafter' started by POB's Pyro, May 26, 2017.

  1. danielpyronutter

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    49 shot 30mm dum bum is the loudest thing I've heard
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  2. paul s

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    Is Redemption caged? or is it a straight 1.4?

    If it is 1.4 and similar loudness (salutes) to other 1.3 cakes, then that is quite 'innovative'.
  3. 1.4, no cage. :)
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  4. paul s

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    That's very interesting. Fair play to Brothers if they've managed to design a 1.4 product that is being 'considered' in the same terms as some of the loud 1.3 cakes. :cool:

    1.4 advancement certainly helps with storage :)
  5. To save myself crawling through the regulations, is 1.4 = 5% flash of the NEC of the whole barrage or 5% per shot? Just wondering if the mine lifts 'dilute' out the % flash somehow?

  6. paul s

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    I seem to remember the flash limit was linked to the shots (otherwise you could really up the burst charge)
  7. It’s linked to each “shot” not the piece as a whole
  8. paul s

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    I thought so.
  9. One of the better fireworks for 2017.
  10. 2017 actual stock, filmed from 45 metres:

    This is 1.3G by the way, not 1.4G. The UN carton has 1.3G and "Redemption 1.3G".
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  11. How bizarre. Mine are marked up as 1.4G.. :confused::rolleyes:
  12. Oh wow, very odd. My delivery note from Brothers said 1.4G but all UN cartons were marked up as 1.3G. Very confusing...
  13. paul s

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    Well that seems to question my optimism in my earlier post...:(

  14. paul s

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    A side by side comparison would be interesting...
  15. If there are two variants, with differing classification, and more importantly different effects / breaks / power etc, without being told or given the option, then that is just a complete joke..

    I can't even be bothered to phone them up far an explanation.
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  16. paul s

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    Would that be a first....? I can't think of any others in parallel.

    (It might actually work where storage is an issue for some retailers)
  17. I've had "caged" rockets delivered by Brothers without a cage! Luckily I noticed the box wasn't as heavy as it should have been so sent it back there and then.
  18. paul s

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    They did offer caged and uncaged versions of 5 Alive and Astro Blaster. The price was the same, which I couldn't understand.
    Looks like everybody else thought the same and bought the caged ones.