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  1. For the record, I'd say much the same about the single shot candles at some supermarkets- it's a decent-ish, if modest, burst, fine within certain limits eg younger audience. But fuck me, they are soooo poor compared to eg Men Shun Star Burst (or any of the bigger air bombs back in the day) pre-reg changes.
    PS, sorry for swearing, just noticed the vicar :D
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    Thank goodness you were swearing!:eek::p:)
    As for the Star Burst - I remember them - but so much as an air bomb but rather as a 25mm single shot coloured star bombette - pokey, though, so I guess they had a decent flash powder break charge. I might still have some in my nostalgia collection..... :rolleyes:
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  3. That's right, yeah- the supermarket versions these days are essentially a watered down version of those. Although good point too, Star Burst would have been Cat 3 I'm sure.
  4. I fired a few DF's earlier, really nice, fairly pokey bang and some nice small breaks. And I'm a major Hawks fan, so I know a decent rocket.

    Think I'll get another 3 packs tomorrow......a long with a case of Hawks :D:cool:
  5. And can I say fuck too? :p
  6. I had the Lidl Imagination- I'm fairly sure there will be some doubling up between the packs. I agree they are decent enough, not too "wimpy".
  7. I had power pulse from the range found them ok 3 differnt sizes of rockets 2 of them quite good actually
  8. I ended up getting some of the child friendly rockets from Tesco's, mainly as I have a 6 month old so didn't want to terrify him to much and he really did enjoy the fountains etcc that I got out of the Weco selection boxes from Lidl. However one rocket did misfire and some how went side ways into our fence and then obviously went bang which I am glad it was a small payload.
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    You must have got a dud there ;)
  10. haha- just shows went there are up in the air they look a bit rubbish - but went they are on the deck and go pop - you can cr@p your pants a bit
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    I enjoy Jorge Orion rockets (50p a rocket), Brightstar delta force (30p a rocket), weco dance floor, TNT pack from Aldi (had a few ball head rockets in ). Gone are the days of pokey small bottle sized rockets.

    I prefer the shot tubes to some extent, especially setting 4 off in one go. A lot of the selection boxes have shot rubes instead of rockets now. If you are firing 1.3 you can still get some nice rockets if you have the space to fire them.
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    The smallest rockets in the Brothers Extreme Machines pack are really tiny and pokey. The next size up in that pack which are basically the 5-Alives are also pokey but not quite bottle rocket proportions. Then there’s Jorge Imagine/Planet and of course, Moonshots.
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    Yep still some good smaller bits but not like years ago. This is the Jorge Orion pack, these look better when firing, the video doesn't do them justice.
  14. Supermarket rockets have improved over the last 8/9 years, some of them anyway.Obviously nowhere near as good as they used to be but some of them do at least have a decent pop/crack rather than stars just farting out of it like most of them did just after the changes.
  15. Absolute Ballistic Rockets are small but they still pack a real punch!,nice bang and a mixture of effects,i also like Epic's Supreme,Heat Seeker and Space Blaster,not the biggest rockets but very impressive all the same!
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    Only 18g per rocket - but 1.3g. There lies the answer.

    (Good rockets btw)
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    Decent little bang from the small Jorge rockets tbh
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    And at only £5 they are a fun addition to some bigger rockets. If you managed to get discount they would be super cheap!