Cake/Barrage RP70 Diamonds & RP70 Sapphires

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  1. Pyro Pete

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    Finale from the Firework Crazy demo night 2013. This shows 2 x RP70 Diamonds (left and right) with an RP70 Sapphire (centre). Each cake is a 70 shot Cat 3 item with an RRP of around £150 each.

  2. dib


    One hundred and fifty pound each £150 really?
  3. dib


    They are amazing though
  4. triple burst

    triple burst Pro Firer/Crew

    have a look on galactic firerworks web site dib:)
  5. triple burst

    triple burst Pro Firer/Crew

    Firework crazy has them for £89.99 each if it helps mate:)
  6. Ad


    Not worth that at all and even £90 is far too much.

    They can be had for a nice amount less than than that.
  7. where ??? o_O
  8. dib


    Hi thank you all thinking about getting them for new years what do you think about putting a 1500 missile cake in the middle of them or do you think it will spoil them? Ps went to galactic yesterday south emsall store great lads
  9. markt1967

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    The missile cake would not look good with the RP70s, so enjoy them on their own.
  10. Big no no to missile cake don't ruin such great fireworks with it, might just be me but I can't stand missile cakes
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  11. m00ny

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    Deffo not just you ;)
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  12. Damp Squib

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    Absolutely agree - leave it out!
  13. Another video of Sapphires...

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  14. Looks slower than the one I had last year, mine lasted about 35 secs.
  15. I did 3 RP100 shots, I had the sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. I have a video of it too and they are EPIC. il try and upload it.
  16. They're not 100 shots, they're 70 shots, but you're right, they are EPIC
  17. My bad theyre the RP70. Typo.....
  18. That one must've been a 49er. Still a good firework
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  19. Think you got away with that one ;)
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