Cake/Barrage RP70 Diamonds & RP70 Sapphires

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  1. Kalla ho raamiya
  2. How do the 49s and 70s versions compare in real life?
    Thinking about getting 1 or 2 Diamonds for NYE. (Sapphires don't appeal for some reason). Would appreciate the opinion of anyone who has actually fired both.
    Videos look quite similar (unlike the 25s which is clearly a totally different beast) but very hard to judge scale from these and sometimes the real thing doesn't quite live up to the vid on the seller's website :( . Is the 70s version more or less the same but with more shots (obviously) or does the 70s version have bigger bore / bigger effects etc. Appreciate for your help.
    (I won't mention the 100 shot version, clearly a typo earlier, ;)).
  3. The Sapphires and Diamonds need to be 70s. The Emeralds on the other hand is more about the colours than the effect/power, so the smaller versions aren't bad at all. The Diamonds and Sapphires on the other hand look a bit pants, because there isn't enough power for those effects to work.

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    I fired the diamonds 70 recently excellent effects very powerful stunning.