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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by PyroFanaticPhil, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Just wondered what the consesus is on Simma Warehouse fireworks and of course, prices?

    £15 for War Hawks is great vfm in my opinion. Also, they seem to be stocking Royal Party or at least one smallish barrage:

    I think I'll definitely be purchasing some more of Benwell's Black Knight range, I rate these and not many people seem to have tried them on here. Crusader, Gladiator and Challenger all look great, especially if sold at attractive price points....
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    £15 for Warhawks is decent but most sponsors will probably match or even better that if you're spending a fair bit, as for the rest looks like mainly half price Bright Star, probably the going rate but not great fireworks imo...
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    Looks like they have bought some clearance stock from the dead but not forgotten DRD. :eek: image.jpg
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    Stinger is a very nice crossette cake. Well worth £7.50 (when available)
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  5. Seems like there are more locations bringing "better fireworks" the general population! I notice none around London! :(
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    But in London you have the 'cream' of suppliers .......Firework Crazy / News Box / Essex / Lets Party al.

    I know which I'd prefer.
  7. But you see that's the problem, the general public at large end going to the supermarkets that have bad stuff! Now I am the kind of guy who hears the smallest fizz of a firework, I can hear fuses being lit 500m+ away and my nose is against the glass! Too much disappointment with my locals who do not buy from the "cream of suppliers" simply to see a poor rocket "pop" over in to the night sky. :D
  8. When you go in ask for Richard, nice guy and he'll sort you out and all of your pyro needs ha... Went in today to get the first of my stock, Can't wait for bonfire night this year!
  9. Some of the brightstar stuff is amazing, got some great stuff today! And the price is so good!
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    Not at all spammy, Tiger Pyro... and I notice your registered email address begins with "richard".

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    Full marks for trying
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  13. Haha honestly it's a coincidence we shared the same name it's amazing that it's mentioned on this site for its only one small seller.. I'm not promoting anything ha I'm surprised it's mentioned, I was just happy with my purchas, (read it back and it does sound bad ha.. sir spamalot ish) and no way to delete my comment haha. Sorry if it come out that way .. And ok I am expressing my love for brightstar they where great last year! Thunder Bomb, War Hawks where awesome.. And of course theres other places too.. Ha. Brightstar is so much better than DRD! Amen. Ha.. And I'm still picking up a few select items from supermarkets .. The good stuff. But yeah sorry to sound so spammy .
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    Sima have an offer on this weekend only - a cheeky RP After Dark free + the first bits of DRD i have seen this season - I guess they can only give it away now :)

    (don't panic, the link is safe)
  15. Some good offers!

    Looks like the seasonals are putting the heat up a bit. Some great discounts available on Brothers, Royal Party, Brightstar etc. Good to see
  16. Does anybody know what stock levels are like here? Thinking of making a trip up here from derby to get some fillers as got my main stash from hannah at pyrotex fireworx thanks
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    Just click on the items you are interested in, on their website. The stock status is normally pretty accurate. I normally use Sima for fillers but Latif's have had good prices on Brothers and Benwell so I fillered my boot if you'll pardon the pun. Air Hawks for a tenner a pack turned my head.
  18. Popped into sima again yesterday and they are running that offer again to anyone this weekend.. If anyone's interested. :)
  19. Haven't posted this year as been crazily busy just popped into sima on the way back from Sunday lunch noticed they had the royal party after dark cakes for £5 each so grabbed a few at that price for my Lil boy who's an addict to pyro lyk me, had a good chat with the lad that worked there who told me he'd gt into pyro through selling there this year and was a fan of this forum chucked me in a few freebies aswell top bloke
  20. Had heroes and villans rockets for 20 pound aswell wich is a decent price