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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by PyroFanaticPhil, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Sima seem to be stocking a bit of Cosmic this year, some of the large pieces are well discounted. The rocket selection is good too!
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  2. There was also a seasonal shop with bright star stock in kent. They're doing 2 packets of war hawks for £19.99. Also they're doing Proton bomb ex(£9.99) and thunderbolt ex(£14.99); great value
  3. Ex ? Vat is included in the price
  4. "Ex" meaning "Extreme" i'd assume..
  5. My bad haha sorry
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    Well, those prices are blown out of the water by some of their 'peers'. Wonder how they like it.
  8. Call me sad, but I always wanted one of those Haunted Houses - it's nice to see they're still around even if I won't be visiting Sima any time soon.
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    Just thought people might want to know I got a mailing list email from sima today saying they are closing down
  10. They are excellent novelty fireworks, still have one in my stash. I was told they had stopped making them :(