Southport 2016

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  1. Any news on who is firing this year,
    one of the best events in the UK
  2. gunpowderplot

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    champion of champions I think
  3. luke

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    Not champion of champions this year.
  4. I think the Champion of Champions event is 2017 :)
  5. gunpowderplot

    gunpowderplot Pro Firer/Crew

    one year out :eek:
  6. I think Impact Technical are competing :)
  7. There wont be an official announcement just yet as the organisers are still awaiting to get confirmation from all the teams chosen to compete...

    Keep an eye out on their facebook page
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  8. Jake01

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    Essex Pyrotechnics
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  9. Ozzieuk

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  10. wayneimpact

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    Yep we are shooting this year, gonna be a great line up :)
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  11. scoops

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    can't wait.... happy designing everyone!
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  12. beeney

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    Looking forward to it :)
  13. blackbat

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    Don't F1 get to defend their title?
  14. I thought that too, perhaps it's an option and not compulsory :)
  15. blackbat

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    I'm sure it's not compulsory :)
  16. Bright sparks north Wales

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    Looks like a fantastic line up this year, we can't wait for the whole weekend. Best get our designing caps on!! Look foward to seeing lots of you guys there.
  17. gareth71

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    Do I recall someone mentioning a 'champion of champions' event in 2017? That'll be a corker if all the shows are of the same standard as F1's from last year - it absolutely blew me away!
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  18. Hi, we are thinking of going to this event this year for the full three days. Can anybody answer these questions for us?

    1. Are the three days displays fired from the same location?
    2. What is it like to film from there?(and are we allowed to). IE Trees in the way clear areas, high points to see over the crowd, Distance from crowd to fireworks etc
    3. Can we set up a Gazebo, like they do at the fireworkchampions
    4. The best places to stay and visit while we are there

    Many Thanks if you can help

  19. UKChrisT

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    I'm also interested to hear from people who have been previously.

    Local hotels, and places to visit while there. Tickets should be on sale soon as I contacted British Musical Fireworks Championship to find out the costs as i have never been before.