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    ;)Steve...many apologies was a typo....
  2. Being born in 1960 had me growing up as a child in the late 60's when this box was produced.
    I recall being given handheld fireworks on several bonfire nights prior to the year I first was given a Plastic handled Olympic Torch. It is almost certain some of the prior wooden handled items were Standard items. The plastic handle did worry me at the time as even being 8 years old I was concerned as to the plastic melting or burning easily when the old wooden handled seemed a lot safer. The Olympic Torch name was significant to me as that year saw the 1968 Olympic Games and the connection I made back then was that it was introduced that year due to the games being held.
    Whether that connection was correct or not in that they were introduced earlier I cannot be sure about.
    Does anyone recall a firework called Lady Penelope (likely made by Standard) and probably named after the Thunderbirds character from the period of 1969 to 1972?
    My father stated that name for a firework he was lighting for us back then and I recall it being a bit of a dud. The following year a friend was most impressed with a firework called Lady Penelope that he chose to tell us about how good it was.
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    Can't say I've ever heard of a Lady Penelope firework........... maybe it was his name for a firework that burned pink/red in colour....
    Olympic Torch...... pic below to bring back memories
    olympic torchstandard.jpg
  4. ive never heard of any firework called lady penelope , but i have heard of one called parker ! has they where in fashion inthe late 60s .
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    Nope...Lady Penelope is new to me..never heard of it ...sorry...
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    IMG_2778.JPG IMG_2779.JPG
    Attached a couple of Standard Olympic torches....varying coloured handles...and one marked 6d...making it and early 60's type.
    Also a red turned wooden handle ...definitely Standard ...from another hand held item...can't recall what name...but it's in my to do list for rebuilding!