Standard Ground Mine

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  1. Stuart

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    Hello does anyone remember the Standard Ground Mines in the pic which is my stash from 1983.

    They were just called Standard Ground Mine and did everything Fountain then air bomb/hummer and star shell.

    I cant find any pics online or info would love to own one again.

    Any info would be of great help.

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  2. Escht

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    Hi Stuart
    From my files
    IMG_0909.JPG IMG_0910.JPG IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0912.JPG
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  3. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    Hello Kev they look earlier than the ones I have very nice though
  4. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    Or had I should say !!!
  5. Escht

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    TonyB might have some pics for you, if not from his big Standard find last year then in his collection............
    I don't have any other pics
  6. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    That's ok keep trying to find them but thanks any way.

    Anything new on the horizon ??
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  7. TONYB

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    these ones
    IMG_4399 (1).JPG
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  8. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    Very nice but they were just called Ground Mine but thanks Tony.
  9. The ones tony posted are the ones in your 80’s stash or am I missing something?
  10. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    No there not they just said Standard ground mine no hummer/airbomb/star shell.

    These had all three in one firework.
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  11. The blue Ground Mine shown in the 1983 picture was sold in the shops. It contained a bit of everything - hummers, whistles, air bombs and star shells. The items posted by TonyB were usually supplied in display packs sold to the public. I remember my local Scouts display using them.
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  12. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    Thanks that explains the difference.
  13. I still have a blue one as shown in the top picture,the later ones had different designs and were clearly marked with the effect,i have one of the Double Air Bomb ones here too.
  14. I remember buying a double air bomb one from a newsagents when I was 18. The effect wasn't that great I seem to recall!
  15. Stuart

    Stuart Supports UKFR

    Hello Peter have you any pics
  16. I will dig it out very soon and take a picture.
  17. Richard Lane

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    I've got a couple of these..I'll dig them out and post in the next couple of days.....
  18. Stuart

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    Hello Richard I would love to see them
  19. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Supports UKFR'll be later this space!
  20. Jamie Thornton

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    If I only could get my hands on a couple.