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  1. Hi, I've joined this website in hope that there's someone who can help. Before I start, I am led to believe that Standard Fireworks LTD is now owned by Black Cats. I have got a Standard Fireworks Solar Rocket, I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on the quality and if it would be safe to let off as it's an old firework?
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    Hi Will, @Escht should be able to help with this I think
  3. Standard is indeed now own by Black Cat and has been for many years,the Solar Rockets came out in the 1990's,there were six types and they were bigger than the Lunar Rockets but not as big as the Mega Rockets,they had the same effects as the Lunar but all with added crackles,as to whether it is still safe to fire,it depends on the condition and how it was stored,i have fired old pyro and some worked perfectly and others not,you just light it and take a chance!
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    This is a COLLECTING forum page and not an advice on safety to fire discussion forum.
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    Would you be willing to sell it? I have a collection of these now.

  6. Find a very large open space if firing. I had Lunar rockets of that era (fired back then) flash through, exploding on the ground. And I'm absolutely certain it was a Solar rocket that took a 30ft max altitude hop over our garden hedge, into fortunately nothing but a valley behind, with a splendidly echoing boom when the payload did explode. Didn't see a thing, but it sounded tasty.
  7. I have some if you're looking to buy. 2 solar 2 mega
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    This era of the standard lunar and mega rockets were terrible, I can remember these nose diving back to the ground and exploding, didn't like the era much at all tbh from the mid 90s onwards for the standard stuff, the fully plastic bodied lunar and mega rockets from the early 90s were excellent and didn't nearly end up plummeting through your roof or someone elses.
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  9. The Chinese ones from 97-2002 were bad, fired some this year. Not fired any of the UK made ones from 93/4 but may well do if no one else wants them.
  10. @AtomFireworks how much would you be willing to pay? And I'm in Stoke-On-Trent so would you be able to collect? And thank you for all the responses, that's really helpful
  11. I had a Lunar that exploded in the launcher and blinded and deafened me for a few minutes!,the Solars had a terribly erratic flight,had one hit my roof and explode and the same on the house next door breaking tiles!,i found and took the remains back and they gave me a refund so it must have been a common problem.
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    Yes, think this particular design was flawed which leads me to believe perhaps they were made elsewhere and hand finished in the UK or perhaps the company had changed hands from around 1993 onwards upto full Chinese ownership in 1998, I recall from 1993 the standard stuff started going downhill.
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    They were UK made but they had a very large bad batch. I remember returning a van full to Crossland Hill. Make sure you have plenty of fall out area if you fire it just in case.
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    I seem to remember also they had a bad batch of the size 3, 4 and 5 sky rockets around this era which were doing the exact same thing, I seem to think the company changed hands in 1993 just before the Chinese takeover a few years later, I basically think that things were just really cheapened from then on, perhaps they knew what were coming and I think the interest in quality etc went out of the window which was a shame really.
  15. They probably just had a bad batch of powder for the motors if all the rockets were like it.
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    Yes, remember firing them at the time, they were quite bad, this would be 1995/6, I had a few size 5s, I recall a couple of them working ok and the other coming down towards the ground and one of them bursting out the stars right near where we were stood, quite dangerous, I recall a lot of faulty fireworks around this time though.
  17. Completely different thing I know, but possibly about the same time, I had some Black Cat Sky Circle rockets (I'm 95% sure) which were fairly small sleeve rockets, blue artwork maybe (if this is accurate I was a teenage pyro spotter) which flew into the sky alright, but their effect then seemed to be little different to what the rocket rotor did taking it up... only straight back down at us! Which was different!
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    Exactly yes, I remember some bright star rockets called moon maroon, remember on the local news they were recalling them as they were exploding before they barely left the ground, this was also the time a school headmaster got killed by been hit in the face with a shell which lead to their ban the year after.
  19. Yes,i remember these rockets very well,the effect was a spinner which fell downwards after being ejected from the rocket,i think i still have one in my collection,i never had any problem with them.