Rocket Superior (4 rockets)

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  1. RRP: £49.99
    Category: 3 - 25 Metres
    Class: 1.4g (1.3g pyromeshed)
    Description: Red and green tipped palms with crackling flower balls, green and purple peony to red crossettes with crackling pistil.

    Video supplied by Absolute Fireworks
  2. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    Filmed by me at the Newsbox Fireworks Demo September 2012. Video shows one clearly and two others partially, the other being off the frame (all four were fired together!).

  3. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    Filmed by me at the Firework Crazy demo night 2013 (now listed as £54):

  4. They are good I've had them for the past 2 years but a bit overpriced if you ask me...
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  5. Same FC demo night just a different camera:

    This is my personal favourite AF rocket pack - very nice hang times, big bangs and of course crossettes. Currently widely available for £45 which I think is good value money for rockets of this quality and size.
  6. getting these this year now as my local shop now seems to not stock surgical strike rockets, :(