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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Mupps, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Mupps

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    Has anyone heard what they might be doing this year?
    Hope they do the port fires this year 3 for £1 is a pretty good price
  2. pablo

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    Asda have 3 for a £1.
  3. danielpyronutter

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    Just picked up one of these for Halloween WP_20161016_13_04_20_Pro.jpg
  4. Didn't get a leaflet did you?
  5. Yeah they are still doing the £1 portfires

    Here is the 2016 leaflet for you all

    20161020_172020.jpg 20161020_172003.jpg 20161020_171945.jpg 20161020_171802.jpg 20161020_171743.jpg
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  6. Mupps

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    Thanks for putting this up.
    Mostly crap as usual :( at least I can get the portfires
  7. abigman

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    Mine cake could be interesting maybe ? Anyone fired it / got a vid ?
  8. paul s

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    good move.
  9. Whizzbang

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    The brochure has qr codes, which take you to YouTube.
    Here's the mine cake.

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  10. Ah yes the legendary Tesco Standard portfires. These really are excellent and the best consumer portfires I have tested. No smell and a decent flame. I'll never forget the time I asked for 20 packs of portfires and nothing else. They didn't have enough in the cabinet so had to go out back which took them about half an hour when finally this poor young lady emerged cradling my 20 packs. I still have some in the kit box.

    The rest of the Tesco Standard range I tested 2-3 years ago were complete pants but you never know maybe this year is the year...

    Edit: found the video I made where I review portfires. Yes you read that right, at the height of my reviewing I reviewed portfires. Want to see a Standard portfire in action AND compared against other methods of lighting fireworks? Then here you go:

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  11. I asked for 5 the other year, took about 10 mins to describe what a portfire was :rolleyes: before scratching round to find their last leaflet and point it out, like you they didnt have enough in the display cabinet and I had to wait ages!

    Not only do the supermarkets sell crap(most of the time) the service and knowledge is, er, somewhat appalling.

    Right, off to get my portfires ;)
  12. K9Girl

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    No No No @Bucksend get one of these, brilliant for lighting fireworks, small, uses a fag lighter for power, just make sure its the right size one. Will also pay for itself very quickly against portfires :)

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  14. paul s

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    Nothing wrong there for a fiver. It looks fine to round off a cheap selection box....fitness for purpose really.
  15. paul s

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    If anyone gets the chance, I would appreciate knowing the NEC of the small £6 Eclipse selection box. (To compare with another small box at 3 x the price)

  16. Looking at last years leaflet the £22.50 selection box was £35 each but part of a BOGOF deal...this year 2 for £30...Supermarket rip off though cheaper this year...However I do like the artwork on the Standard boxes
  17. danielpyronutter

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    Got myself 10 packs of portfires today happy days