Tesco Fireworks 2013

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  1. Tesco fireworks brochure for 2013:

    Tesco Firework Brochure.jpg

    It'sall Standard gear. Here is the of firework display cabinet in my local mid-sized Tesco:



    I've purchased the 4 for £20 deal plus a £1 pack of portfires. I will be testing, filming and reviewing these as soon as possible (probably Sunday 20th October). Here's my stash, think I'll be firing all of the selection box fountains at once for maximum effect:


    Interestingly the Skyblaze cake has a 25m safety distance (it's about 50% smaller in size than the smallest Jorge cake).
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  2. This is going to sound really anal, but let us know what the port fires are like. Here not badly priced, but do look quite short. I'd be interested to hear what the burn time is like.
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    Im very interested to find out about this too !
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    LOL yes this could be quite important, how many of us forget portfires or don't have enough, if you can get them down Tesco it will solve an awful lot of problems! Come on @POBmaestro fire one up for us!
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  5. Ok just for you lot I've just done a comparison of a Brothers portfire (that I've always used) and the Standard brand portfire I got from Tesco and the results are quite surprising. I'll upload the comparison video tomorrow but to summarise the Standard portfire burned for about 30 seconds longer, it had a better flame and best of all IT DO NOT SMELL AT ALL! The Brothers portfire has a horrible sulphur smell while the Standard was clean. Big shock, though I've got a Rothy now so too late for me!
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    Excellent, good work, we have uncovered a hidden bargain at Tesco then - good quality portfires at £1 a pack!
  7. Sounds like a trip to Tesco then to check them out.
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    I have to say that having just checked a couple of my trade catalogues for portfires, the Tesco portfire pack is actually a very good price for consumers.

    Very good indeed.
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    It seems like Tesco have slipped up this year then - supplying a high quality piece of pyro at a great price!

    And you get clubcard points too!:D
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  10. port fire can be seen here :) end of video

  11. And I thought I was being anal. I guess there's no such thing as a daft question. Guess ill be off to Tesco in the week. We're mainly firing electronically but it's useful to have a few portfires on standby. Thanks for the info.
  12. Definitely going to pick up a few packs of the portfires then, thanks for the video :)
  13. Just back from the buzz of my cheeky little Tesco fireworks review night. Have to say for £20 it was ok, though my girlfriend wasn't impressed. Maybe I'm just excited to light my first pyro of the season. I'll post videos and proper reviews tomorrow but essentially for a fiver I thought the selection box and rockets were not bad for a fiver each when fired in multiples at 5m, but the selection box items especially were very short lived (nothing new there). The two roman candles from the selection box just about made it worthwhile for me despite a low break from one of them. I thought the Magnitude candle and Skyblaze cake were poor though even for a fiver.

    Also an update on the Standard portfires - to be honest I got completely carried away using my new Rothy that I forgot to use one of the new portfires to light any of the Tesco fireworks. I lit up a Standard portfire afterwards to try out some sparklers and it went out after 20 seconds for no good reason. I lit up another one and used this to relight it and after that both worked fine. Be interesting to hear if anyone else has this issue, as this could be a fatal flaw for these otherwise perfect portfires.
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    I find portfires can easily get damaged and a crack in them can stop them going.
  15. I do not use portfires, Rothy!
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  16. As promised here are the videos for the Tesco products I tested (the 4 for £20 deal):

    Click on the video title for my review of each product. The cake (4th video) is the first cake I've reviewed to recieve 0 out of 5.

    The video of the portfire comparison is taking a little longer than expected to produce (I'm making it something a bit more worthwhile) but hopefuly I'll have it uploaded tonight :)
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  18. Nice videos, id give the rocket pack 0/5. When the launch woosh is louder than the burst noise, its not a good sign...
  19. The best firework IMO Tesco are selling are the Britannia Boom, they are spiked ended (stick in ground), im not saying they are anything Amazing and they are quite expensive, they are doing the old trick where you cant buy 1 pack you have to pay 25 or 30 notes buy 1 get 1 free, but not a crap firework my nephew loves them 13yrs old.
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    In our local tesco you can buy 1 pack of britannia boom for £15