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  1. The Range are stocking the same products as previous years. I have been in contact with the manager of my local store and he was kind enough to sent me the list (with photos) of stock income due in store asap. There are a couple new items but other than that same gear. Not as though thats bad as i had some okay bits from there at reasonable (for supermarket) prices.
    Just would have been nice to have a look at some new bits of pyro :(:D
  2. What are the new items any idea
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  3. These are the only two on there i do not recognise from any previous years at The Range. As seen on the left: A & B stores will get these items.
    Hope this intel helps ;)
    SmartSelectImage_2016-09-19-11-00-02.png SmartSelectImage_2016-09-19-10-59-25.png
  4. Raging spiders is a nice cake
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    Post the rest of the list up then! (With prices :))
  6. Yeah not too bad, i know id certainly want to be stood more than 8M from it :)
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  7. As asked

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  8. Battle of midway wasn't in range in Cheltenham of glos last year not a bad cake
  9. Battle of midway I haven't seen at The Range before either. That's a good cake as well
  10. Beat me to it
  11. Ahh sorry guys.

    It was in my store last year. And i did buy 2. Nice cake not very large bursts but what can you expect eh?
  12. My local store in Bournemouth sells them all year round and will have all of them in stock.
  13. What do people think of the battle of Midway please ?
  14. It's a good piece.

    Fanned, so if you have a narrow garden etc, be cautious.
  15. Imo you can tell its only £15....small bursts.

  16. The video is a poor representation of the actual firework, in my opinion.
  17. I got the cosmic chaos last year and that was a superb firework just don't know what to get this year
  18. Thats the thing when asking how good something is. Something you find great i might not etc etc.

    Personally i think Wrath of The Gods @ the same price is far better (but again that's personal opinion) :)
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    Raging Spiders and Battle of Midway are fine pieces for The Range.