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  1. What are the best offerings from the range in everyone's opinion?
  2. Cosmic Chaos,
    Wrath Of The Gods,
    Raging Spiders,
    Battle Of Midway....
    The best of their offerings in my opinion
  3. I had the same thing today in Torquay. Very strange....
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  4. Anyone know what a 'C' store like my local Aldersh*t one will be holding?
  5. K9Girl

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    If you can stretch to it, grab a Cosmic Chaos, really nice cake :)
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    agreed. To be honest, I would like the armageddon...500 shots good variety of stuff, might not necessarily pack the punch as some other stuff but for a garden show would be a good finale i think with some dum bums adding the punch i think!

  7. TGR


    Same as an A/B store but without:
    Tri-colour wheel
    Imperial Selection Box
    Seismic Strike
    Lucifer's Laughter
    Gamma Project
    Jewel of the Nile
    Raging Spiders

    Hope that helps

    As for the Torquay sales process. Consider it a customer service, certainly no requirement or company policy to carry your fireworks to the car for you. :)
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  8. Picked a couple of bits up in the Range Portsmouth last night (whilst picking up a leaflet).....

    The lady @ the firework counter served me the items - took them to the desk where they were left, for the Cust Services lady to take the was then I was asked for ID.....I am 43, was on my own (no kids with us). There was two colleagues there so perhaps she was being "tested". I had a laugh and a joke about it as I did have Driv Lic with me "oooh when was I last asked for that!"......but one observation - what if I didn't have ID - would I have been refused and would there be unnecessary items out "in the open"? Should the member of staff getting the items out had done the ID check if it was store policy? Or is it (as it used to be) the member of staff concluding the sale who would get the b£(*"(*(ing for an under-age sale?
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    Wouldn't the torquay situation maybe down to 1.3 g rules if buying higher quality pyro ??? If only small stuff like tgr says consider it excellent customer service !
  10. Thank you for this, might be worth a nosey then. Sorry I didn't get earlier, must have missed the alert. Also thanks @K9Girl , I'll check it out
  11. 1.3g etc. only apply to storage, once sold or even taken out the cabinet to give to you they are no longer being stored so they can handle them in store, give to you, take to a till it doesn't matter
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    ta for making that clearer for me have always got confused over some of the new rules , :)
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  13. I just purchased my fireworks for this year - from the Range and ASDA :)

    Ended up getting :-

    Bright-Star Guys Fawkes Selection box £14.00
    Bright-Star Funky Frog Fountain £6.00
    Bright-Star Mighty Atom Barrage £5.50
    Bright-Star The Slammer Barrage £7.50
    Bright-Star Mammoth Sparklers £0.74
    TNT Deep Space Shot Tubes £5.00
    TNT Sky Diamond Rockets £7.00

    Total Cost £45.00 approx - should be a nice little display for my kids (and grandparents coming too! :)

    The Selection box looks GREAT - 2 Wheels, 3 Roman candles, big fountains and a couple of multi-shot/barrages - 24 fireworks for £14 - BARGAIN!! :)

    Had the TNT Shot tubes before too - they're GREAT - very loud and decent effects!
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  14. I was disappointed that the only fountain sold is the funky frog. The leaflet says fountains with an s meaning more than 1. Both types of funky frog don't count lol. I know the fantastic waterfalls have shrunk in size but they should have kept the electro surge fountain imo. Can we ask them to restock them next year @TGR as I've had them last 3 displays and they go down really well.
  15. Just had a look in my local branch and the cabinets are three parts empty!,as it's an year round seller they usually re-stock for New Year s they have either had very good sales this year or there is no more stock available,visited a local garden centre that also sells Bright Star and they were completely sold out!,i have never seen this before so either BFN sales were fantastic or everyone is stocking up for the New Year as it's on a Saturday night,get your pyro while you can!
  16. Was in the Range Portsmouth yesterday - just had a small cabinet in the lobby - unfortunately nothing I wanted (Jewel of the Nile / Mighty Atom / Wrath of the Gods) - also checked the Gosport store - they only had a "very small selection" - again not what I Lidl and a Pop Up Shop it was......Gothic Lights / Black Mamba / Havoc (MenShun) / Photon Burst x 2 packs...... we only have a few at NYE with neighbours so all is good.
  17. Was in my local Range today picking up some reduced christmas stuff (Newport) and they had quite a good selection. Looked all different from bfn with around 6 or 7 completely different cakes of various sizes. Well stocked and a good queue of people buying.