This could be a reason a lot of vintage pyro never survived......

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    I bought a bunch of papers from early WW2 last weekend and in amongst it was this government declaration....... I never knew they had a loft clearance law and that it was enforced by uniformed inspectors...... imagine the treasures that were hauled out of lofts in that time in order to comply with the regulations. With the use of inciendary bombs by the Luftwaffe in huge quantities you can see why it was a good idea to have nothing in the loft that could help feed a firebomb.
  2. I think i might bring this order back , but just try it out in the midlands area first !
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    Already in place, where do you think all my finds come from, .......... also have a shed inspectors uniform and a cellar investigation warrant card for checking for brick termites.......................