Cake/Barrage Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Bright Star Fireworks' started by buxton888, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. 25 shots
    Cat 3
    This set off one of my neighbours car alarms. Very Impressive!

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  2. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    Nice - went down well - what's the RRP?
  3. £29.99

    A fantastic firework, a best seller last year ;)
  4. Carter85

    Carter85 Pro Firer/Crew

    Used a shed load of these last year and they're one of my favourites. The noise and size of the breaks is unreal for consumer gear. Bigger than a lot of cat4 cakes we use ! I shall certainly be buying more this year :)
  5. Quasar

    Quasar Pro Firer/Crew

    Very nice...going by what been said about these I think I may have to get some for this November! :)
  6. all shots fired in 13 secs? am pretty sure thunderbolts last about 40secs? all myn did I had last year anyway.. confused cant remember them being that rapid
  7. thats what i thought would happen after i watch galactic fireworks' video. Mine may have possibly been faulty then...
  8. Dunks

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    Yeh there were two rapid fires in the video that shouldnt happen. But agreed they are fantastic for the size and price. 25 quid for a finale cake isnt bad
  9. Looks like a proper noise barrage this with nice effects. Would like a couple for bonfire night especially at the price their going for.
  10. This barrage is identical to governors apprentice 48 shot and underworld 48 shot by menshun fireworks.

    Had a few cases lasts. Very loud with big breaks.:)