Treeton Cricket & Football Club Fireworks Spectacula 2016

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  1. Treeton Cricket & Football Club Present a


    On Friday 28th 0ctober
    Hosted by and with music from
    The Rother FM Road Show


    Large Fun Fair
    Hot Food
    Licensed Bar, Inside & Out
    From 5pm


    Treeton Cricket & Football Club, Washfield Lane, Treeton
    S60 5PU

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  2. IMG_2757.JPG IMG_2757.JPG
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  3. Best of luck with the show, the fact you've left the spellcheck lines on the 2nd poster!

    (Will you be in the Ryan the Lion suit? Doesn't look very PPE-ish lol)
  4. Hey up Michael, couldn't get rid of the spellcheck lines lol, came back from printers with out them, now who's in the lion suit? My guess Ryan hahaha, he comes with the radio station as there mascot. Thanks for wishing me luck, I've gone BIG on every thing this year, even got Roger Tuby funfair bringing his extreme rides as well as rides for the kids. All we want now is fine weather, hope you are all keeping well, have a great BFN & stay safe.

    John (Pyro Crazy)
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  5. me and my daughter and possibly one or 2 friends are going :cool:
  6. Hi bxdean,
    Hope you get down it will be a great night, NO PARKING on site, street parking only, where ever you park in village you will be only 10 minutes walk away max.
    We are down the hill from the church, once you here the music & see lights from funfair your then your nearly there.
    Bye the way long way from Oxfordshire?
  7. No mate,am from sunny Barnsley..Hopefully some friends from Rotherham will be going.Just posted your poster on my facebook page.Looking forward to it,should be good
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  8. :)Nice one mate, only a short drive then, & thanks very much for putting poster on your facebook page. :):)
  9. Hi John.Just wondered ,What time do the fireworks start? We'll probably be there from 5to 5.30 anyway.Looking forward to it.Thanks
  10. Hi Dean
    Looking at firing 7.30/7.40pm, weather looking fine slight 4mph wind, so all looking good.
    Enjoy the funfair, food, drink, music & the Fireworks :D
    If you want a look around firing site, ask for me John from Britannia, or the locals know me as Pyro Crazy :)
  11. That's great.Will deffo come along and introduce myself.
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  12. What a smashing display that was.exceeded my expectations ( small village cricket club) The fireworks were brilliant, even including one of my favourite toons(I crashed my car into the bridge).I even-handed a quick site visit. Many thanks John,see you next year
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