vintage firework posters. ( british )

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    not sure if this is what your after stan...taken with my phone camera so not 100%
    WP_20150514_006.jpg WP_20150514_008.jpg WP_20150514_009.jpg WP_20150514_010.jpg WP_20150514_011.jpg WP_20150514_012.jpg WP_20150514_013.jpg
  2. 1962 and 1963 Price lists.
    1963 PRICE LIST RETAIL .jpg
  3. Ooops, Having trouble uploading 1962 Price list.....
  4. what a dick
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  5. His there any dates on your posters tony !
  6. four different versions , 1930s to 1980s, different standard types , no rip rap on 80s , DSCF0926.JPG DSCF0927.JPG DSCF0928.JPG DSCF0929.JPG
  7. have a good look richard, mines a blue floating light , yours is red , for example . DSCF0932.JPG DSCF0932.JPG
  8. right stan ,ill start putting 1930s brochures on here. we need them all together to compare, not all spread about , and dated if possible .
    does that make sense . you should make a new fred ! lol
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    Steve...hi..Yep going to have a close look later.......
  10. his there any on here ? DSCF0944.JPG
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    Wow - that seems so very wrong these days. Not just sexist but the fact everyone then was probably chain smoking.
  12. DSCF0949.JPG DSCF0950.JPG DSCF0951.JPG DSCF0948.JPG another four versions of the firework man, more modern , bigger than earlier ones , and on glossy paper , first one is 90s with union jack,
    the next two are in the 2000s, the blue one is the last version standard made .
  13. 1930s export .

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  14. Late seventies, early eighties.
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    my latest poster possibly 50s
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    Very nice posters, thanks for posting guys, as I've said before just goes to show how standard never changed their image right up to the 1980s, I'm one of the last generation to remember those wonderful art works sadly.
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    Few posters to add to the list.