Waitrose Fireworks 2013

Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Masterchief, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Masterchief Pro Firer/Crew

    Just popped in to grab some bits and noticed their range of fireworks are on sale.

    Looks like Bulldog Brand, all BUY ONE GET ONE FREE:





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  2. Michael S Member

    Bull shit more like....nice pics though. Better than @Si7 fake ones lol
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  3. Si7 Member

    Agreed, those pics don't look too good to be true for a start.. ;)
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  4. kamikersie Member

    Prices aren't bad shame about the other part LOL
  5. Si7 Member

    I want a "Growlin Mega Blaze" hahaha..!!
  6. kamikersie Member

    Haha ! :p :D
  7. Masterchief Pro Firer/Crew

    Or a mega blazin growler ;)
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  8. I had the earth quake box in 2011 from a seasonal in Congleton got to say it wasn't that impressive more powder in the box than there was in the fireworks, and they were calling it a "power selection" what a joke that was! These seem fairly reasonably priced might buy a couple of boxes for a laugh, how much are they wanting for that hurricane box? I see they are now calling that their "power selection" ... Oh God! :rolleyes:
  9. Neilek9 Member

    Never fired any bulldog before but judging by the comments it's not that good lol. Shame, looks like they have a better selection than any of the other supermarkets this year!