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  1. Just saw a video on You Tube showing the leaflet,it's British Bulldog again!,can never understand why an upmarket supermarket sells this brand,not that i have seen fireworks in any Waitrose round here!
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    Maybe it is simply because of the name.....British Bulldog. Quite poosh?
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    Well looking at those cakes I thought some had a look of old Cube about them in design so I've just looked one up.

    Sonic Woof ....... Really nice looking cake with a great little finale. I might be buying a couple

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    I thought some of these had an older look about them. The Wild Whispa is mentioned in a ukfr review from 2001. Old spec clear out? Might be worth a go
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    Think they are just rebranded Night Star? Not sure if they'll be the same as the one mentioned in that old review, videos on http://www.bulldog-fireworks.co.uk/ don't look all that great imo.