Rocket War Hawks / Air Hawks

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  1. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    RRP £30
    Pack of 5 rockets
    Noted as Air Hawks on the firing list but the retailer image shows a pack called War Hawks.
    Cat 3

    Filmed by me at the Newsbox Fireworks Demo September 2012.

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  2. fatkat24

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    These are truly amazing, they soar quite high and explode with a HUGE bang and massive burst - want to get at least 3 cases of these:)
  3. I got 4 packs (20 rockets) yesterday and fired 10 of them at once. Awesome stuff, my favourite rocket by miles. Didn't plan to film this one but someone got it on an Android phone (still shows how brilliant they are):

  4. The Real Guy Fawkes

    The Real Guy Fawkes Supports UKFR

    Air Hawk is men shun from last year version of this rocket.(2010)
    War Hawk is this years version by bright star.(2011/12)
    They are the same rocket.
    I have fired bothe together and they are the same.
    They are so good i bought 10 cases.
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    Brilliant, nice to see a good volley.

    Maybe pickup a crate of them (x6 packs), then separate them into individual colours and effects to volley for that uniform effct?
  6. Essex Fireworks

    Essex Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    That was excellent bet you going to have fun with a case full adam
  7. As I already said on my profile, the Air Hawks totally rock!
  8. Thanks, I think next time I'll pick up a crate of 6 packs. I probably won't separate them all as I like the variety, but I do like the sound of firing all the crackling finish rockets at once. Not entirely sure which rocket does the crackling effect though, does anyone know for sure? I think it's the yellow capped one with the description "Golden Willow to Ttaniumi Chrysanthemum Starburst" and that "Ttaniumi" is some sort of anagram for Titanium? :)
  9. geoff

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    Excellent value for money rockets.:)
  10. I have to add, on the reverse of cardboard on top of the pack it says 2012, Men shun......
  11. Pyromania

    Pyromania Pro Firer/Crew

    Or perhaps it's just "Chinglish" for Titanium?...;)
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  12. I just bought 2 boxes of 8 packs from galactic fireworks at £96 pound a box works out at £12 a pack!!!!!! these are excellent rockets a must have for any show :)
  13. just been on galactics website nigel has put them up to £120 a box of 8 :(
  14. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    Another pack of War Hawks, these filmed by me at the Firework Crazy demo night 2013.

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    x11 Brocade Hawks (Purple and Green head)

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  16. Were the x11 Brocades ^ fired using quickmatch or a very fast hand with the rothy?
    Not knocking it but I'd prefer the bursts to be a little more spaced out (distance or time-wise), if anything, as a couple seemed to get lost.

    Only asking because I accidentaly kept 20 back this year (2 packs + 6 reds and tittititititiiiianaanaiiuuuuums) and I don't want to be storing them in the shed for much longer.
    I don't like angling my rack tubes, but a couple of degrees won't hurt I s'pose, and it beats still being close when the first start lifting (or not).
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  17. Air Hawk 2 extreme 1.3g Double burst rockets from men shun ............... try them awesome rockets
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  18. Just watched those they did look good Charlton :)
  19. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Supports UKFR

    Yea ive had warhawks and the air hawk extreme both great value big and loud the extreme I prefer because of the nice dual effect.
  20. Maybe a bit off topic but has anyone got the stick size for war hawks or space hawks? I'm constructing a rocket rack in advance for new year and need the dimensions to avoid embarrassment if they don't fit.