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  1. anyone seen weco fireworks advertised in aldi?!?!
    they seem quite cheep but im not sure if there any good
    there is a rio rocket pack for £19.99 and you get 5 small 6 medium and 7 large star chambers it says
    theres a 40shot cake for £9.99 called apollo stars and there also other packs
    anyone seen them or know if there anygood?
    they seem cheep for what you get! :blink:

  2. Hi Wardy,

    I've fired some Weco rockets before from Great Northern Fireworks - they were excellent for the money - to be honest I haven't seen any of their other stuff though I would be interested to have a look so I - may well be popping to my local store later :blink:

    So in answer to your question good brand and at Aldi prices worth a try in my opinion.
  3. Weco rockets are certainly good. Big German well made stuff but can't vouch for anything else they make. I do get the ipression they are a quality manufacturer but not sure why they are selling in Aldi.

    Details of pieces/prices?
  4. PowderFinger

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    Weco - Big German Fireworks
    Aldi - Big German Supermarket chain :banging:
  5. Aldi - only sell one of each line and typically at bargain prices and usually as a result of simple packaging and often 10% less in the packet

    Weco - Premium brand/Big rockets.

    'nuff said
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    I know Rick, sorry I just couldn't resist :ooops:
  7. I'd never knock Lidl or any other discounter, I've dealt with businesses who manufacture products for them alongside Asda/Tesco production lines. Usually the same quality and all they do is save on packaging, weights and occaisionally very slightly inferior product but amazing how this all brings the price down.
  8. I have 3 or 4 videos of some nice weco rockets!

    Sorry i know this doesn't help your questionbut i had to say it :p
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    I've fired all of their big rockets, I was a bit disappointed in most of them, except the Dream & Kamuro's.