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    Pyro Pete UKFR Editor

    Companies who kindly help towards the site's running costs by advertising post their latest news, offers and special deals here.

    Please mention UKFR when shopping. I don't work on commission but if retailers know you saw them here, they are more likely to renew their adverts and continue to post good deals. So please help me, so in turn I can help you :)

    This forum also contains selected announcements and press releases from non-advertisers where I consider these are in members' interests.

    Information for UKFR Sponsors

    If you are an advertiser and would like to post here, please create a forum account (if you have not already done so) and then contact me so I can upgrade your account to "UKFR Sponsor". In addition to showing other members you support the site it also gives you posting permissions here.

    Guidelines for posting:

    UKFR readers love to know about your latest offers and news when they are posted in a section like this so they don't interfere with the main forum or be perceived as "spam".

    During peak season which is 1st September to 31st December you may post once per week in this section. Any post or new thread is counted as your allowed post, so be careful not to "bump" an existing post with additional replies unless you mean to use up your post allowance!

    Out of peak season you should only post once per calendar month. This limit has been brought in to prevent post bumping and spamming. So once you have posted you should please not bump your post with additional information. If you need to edit or change an existing post, please contact me.

    I must impress on retailers the importance of posting good quality content intended for forum members to read. In particular, the use of your posts to engage in any form of blatant SEO or backlink posting is strictly forbidden. Forum members respect companies who post good quality content and are ethical in their conduct. There is a time and a place to engage in SEO and link building, but the UKFR forum is not it :) In addition, please be aware that all user posted links are "nofollow".
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.