What scares you the most?

Discussion in 'Non-Pyro chat' started by Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Losing things. It borders on obession, I worry I have left hats, gloves, even bus tickets, pens etc somewhere or dropped them.
  2. The infinity of space is the only thing that genuinely scares me.
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  3. 3 things.
    getting hiccups that never go away
    being locked in a safe,
  4. I know someone who has a terrible fear of trains, seems strange to me but she can't even go near them.

    I think my biggest fears apart from losing close family would be going blind or needing surgery on my balls.I'm sure most guys would agree with that one. :D
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  5. Jon

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    What about having surgery on your balls to stop you going blind? :p
  6. RocketRev

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    Not me..... been there, thanks to someone who made a complete mess of a judo throw when I was a young teenager. :eek: I can't ever hear someone say "get knotted" without remembering it! Emergency surgery later and nothing's lost. I've never been scared of surgery since..... and I've had more than my fair share - including more on the balls over potential testicular cancer. No cancer & again nothing lost and I'm not scared.:cool:
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  7. lol, is that where the expression comes from?
  8. Pyro Ed

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    Is it strange that in my late 30s suddenly I have a fear of not achieving what ever it is I'm trying to achieve (still not sure on that even is) which kind of makes it worse..???
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  9. Sounds more like a fear of no longer being in your late 30's...... fear not though, many among us have trodden the same path :)