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  1. And missed the point that your "web design" company who you blame for your website has the same contact details as your previous display company.

    Cat4 fireworks are for professional use only, if you are classed as professional then god help the industry
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    Wow, you are making it super hard for me not to get involved in this conversation, I am sure there are a whole host of people wanting to reply to that!

    Firstly it helps if you are reading from the current relevant regulations...


    I'm not going to quote from that document directly, it's your job as a professional to keep upto date with the latests regulations and read/understand them. This new set has been available to read for the past few years and largely came into force in July this year.

    There is a handy guidance document available...

    http://www.eig.org.uk/guides/Guide to the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations.pdf

    That guidance document makes 2 specific mentions of insurance, both under clarifying what a person with specialist knowledge is, and under what the term professional is.

    Now I don't mean to point out the obvious, you have serve time in prison for not holding the correct paper work, I am correct? Why on earth would you risk that again by cutting such a big corner? I can only assume you are baiting people (me included) for some reason. I don't think it's funny to be honest, spreading mis-information within the industry is not helpful to people who are trying their best to operate a safe company in what can be a quagmire of grey areas.

    As for your supplier, who ever that is should be named and shamed. I certainly don't want to buy from them if they are freely supplying yourself.


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    Copyscape is a web service with which you can register your site text and it will alert you if it finds similar text on the web. I think it's a subscription service, and I don't know if or how it handles pictures.
  4. You can see if anyones nicked your pictures with google.

    A couple of websites are using mine. Crazy thing is, one of them is even using a picture of my showroom!


    click on the little camera icon in the search bar.

    As for what's being discussed in this thread, I'm not getting involved.

    Is that a knock at the door?
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