Wilko selling fireworks

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  1. Popped into my local Wilko today, to my surprise I found they had a firework cabinet near to the customer service desk so picked up a leaflet. image.jpeg
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  2. I bet it miffs the proper pyro retailers, that everyone wants to get in on the act come bonfire night, and not that i have ever bought a thing from a supermarket, cash n carry or garden centre, but actually, isn't it brilliant that all of these high street institutions still go to the trouble to bother to serve the institution of bonfire night! Kinda means it's a thing. A part of British life. A tradition that hasn't died.
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  3. Indeed , but it is looking like TNT have pretty much got the budget end of it sewn up , mind you still pyro though :)
  4. Silver Linx seems good for £20
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    I think most of us started by buying fireworks from our local newsagent or supermarket. Shame that newsagents don't tend to sell them anymore.
  6. Probably rules and regs of storage and cost of a minimum order is too much to be worth their while mores the pity :(
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    Or (like everything else)the supermarkets have cornered the market by making deals with manufacturers.
  8. Years ago nearly every newsagent,sweet shop,toy shop and a lot of ironmongers all sold fireworks,now it's mainly supermarkets,garden centres,seasonals and the specialist shops,very few small independent shops left and hardly any of them bother now.
  9. Very true